DID YOU WORK AT HA WINSTONS and want FREE tickets for this weekend’s DEVO concert in Philadelphia?

I know this is short notice, but I ran into Live Nation’s Adam Spivak the other day, who I know from working at HA Winsons, the restaurant that his father and uncle – Jerry and Herbie Spivak founded. It was definitely my favorite job that I worked at before I went to college, hmm even after I went to college and helped me stave off the inevitable adulthood, it was a party job. It’s hard to believe, but like Second Story, which I talked about last week, HA Winstons was a hopping nightclub in the Eighties as well. (Adam was a bartender there for a summer too.) Anyway Adam, his wife Megan and I were talking about how great it would be if we planned a HA Winstons reunion someday; Adam wrote me today to say a mini one could happen this weekend. Adam writes: “How about you put it on your blog, Free DEVO ( good 80’s Band, right?) concert at Festival Pier, this Saturday, For all ex- HA Winston employees, to get a free ticket. You can put together a list and I’ll get you the tickets” (Hughe’s note: I can’t make it, completely booked this weekend, but I will definitely see if there is an interest to get a HA Winston’s reunion going; anyone remember the best Christmas Party ever at PAL right before they knocked it down?)So you guys, if you worked at HA Winstons, send me your info, what store you worked at and the years, and I will pass the list onto Adam, who will make sure your name is on the guest list. DEVO Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, 6/28 at 12:00pm DEVO Columbus Boulevard at Spring Garden Street. For tickets buzz@philly chit (no spaces)