PHILADELPHIA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND re: Clear Your Schedule, you will not want to miss this!!

I completely dropped the ball on this one, it was on my to do list to tell you, but it slipped through the cracks as I tried to keep current with my postings (look for double daily postings til I catch up, the next one today will be at 2:30PM as I break a story) Now on with today’s post: I just want to say how really exciting it is to be in Philadelphia with all the creative people in our City willing to take an idea to fruition and produced a program to showcase independent film makers.  This weekend Media Bureau, Benjamin Barnett and all these people bring it for us to enjoy:   image  So clear your schedules this weekend, it’s here – The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival will be screening 151 films in 7 venues over 4 days through out the historically radical artist community, Northern Liberties. All events are within walking distance of one another with the film screenings taking place at The Media Bureau, North Bowl, Liberty Lands Park, Arbol Café, Liberties Walk, 941 Theatre & Woodshop Film Studios.  HughE’s Note:  Speaking of historically radical, many of these films are radical, thought provoking, moving, outrageous and fascinating.  For me one of the most interesting films will be "Chasing the Devil".  A documentary on the Ex-Gay movement.  You MUST hear the song at 30 seconds, or the guy with the magnet, oh just watch the whole thing then go see the movie, in fact see as many movies as you can.

The other day I saw a kid of maybe 20 with a "Linda Lovelace Deep Throat Tour" t-shirt on, I thought he probably has no idea how that iconic movie eventually destroyed her life; but someone who did embraced her notoriety of being in the "orgasm business" was XAVIERA HOLLANDER.  In 1968, XAVIERA left her job as the secretary of the Dutch consulate in Manhattan to become a call girl, where she made $1,000 a night. A year later she opened her own brothel called the Vertical Whorehouse and soon became New York City’s leading madam. In 1971, she was arrested for prostitution by New York police and was forced to leave the U.S; Well I guess she’s allowed back in the States now because she will be visiting the PIFF this weekend and doing a Q&A after the showing of a documentary on her life, on Saturday night.  There’s a good chance I will be there for that one. She fascinates me.  She is best known from the book The Happy Hooker: My Own Story (1972), a frank an open discussion on SEX and ORGASM’s, really unheard of in the 1970’s even after the free sex reign of the 1960’s.  Not that I remember, but it seems that only men were really allowed to talk frank about sex.  Today XAVIERA has been operating Xaviera’s Happy House, a bed and breakfast within her Amsterdam home.

or you might find me at this movie: THE INDEPENDENT One man’s shot at
Director: Marty Browning
Category: Feature
GENRES:Drama, Satire
TRT: 80 min
“North American Premiere”
Independent, has 58 days to get himself elected or he loses his
house, his sanity or even his life. or maybe this one: LETGO
Director: Jameel Saleem
Category: Narrative Fiction, Short
GENRES:Alternative, Drama, Educational
TRT: 15 min
“WORLD Premiere”
LETGO is the story of a recovering meth addict dealing with
the decision to leave his best friend and old life behind. (Oh wait I already did a 12 Step Program in my life) But this one sounds interesting: Pure
Director: Jason Sokol
Category: Experimental, Short
GENRES:Avant-garde, Independent, Spiritual
TRT: 11 min
“WORLD Premiere”
Filmed in black and white with French dialog and English subtitles set to a jazz
soundtrack. French fi lmmakers are well known for blending fi rst person narration
with dialog between characters. This is my French fi lm of a young girl on
vacation who walks throughout the city snapping photos, stops at local shops,
searches for a Buddha statue and gets into a popcorn fi ght with her roommate.. HUghE’s Note: As you can see there is a rich and diverse selection, so poo poo on those gas prices, and take the advice of who so poetically stated that this summer he is taking a STAYCATION and hanging in Philadelphia for exploration, and this weekend the adventure is at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. (some content on this blog came from my favorite site: Wikipedia)