Last year you’ll recall I said I would fire myself as I paid too much attention to the animals and not as much to the people. This year in order to compensate, I guess, I spent way too much time with the people and barely saw the animals. (But I did bring Mike and he more than made up for it once he got tired of collecting names for me)
This year the Zoobilee did something a little different Zoobilee 2009 will incorporate two parties that begin at different times but end together:

  • An exclusive Zoobilee Dinner begins at 5:30PM (@$350 tickets were sold out)
  • An exclusive dinner in the Peacock Cabaret prepared by Zoobilee 2009 Celebrity Chef Georges Perrier with Bob Egan, host of the “Best Piano Bar in Philly” Odette’s in New Hope, playing standards.
  • The celebrated Zoobilee Party begins at 7:30PM (Mike took this with his IPhone)

Walter and Ann Veghte with Laura & William Buck as they enter the Peacock Pavilion for dinner.
Daivd St. Clair and Gaile Seygel

Patti Klein, Chef Georges Perrier and Bruce Cooper a restaurateur from Manayunk (Bruce owns Jake’s and that wine bar on main street). Just when you thought you couldn’t afford to eat at Le Bec-Fin, Chef Georges Perrier is offering a tasting menu of 4 courses (appetizer, fish, meat, and dessert)…and here is the catch- you “PAY WHAT YOU WISH!”

Co-Chairs Matt Taylor, Francie Ingersoll, Jami and Vikram H. Dewan, Charlotte Brown & Robert L Brown, co-chairs; Ann Calvert and Chairman of the Board Jay H. Calvert, Jr. Esq. ADOPT-able Animals There are many animals available in the ADOPT program. Click here to see a complete list.
ADOPT Benefits ADOPTions are available at several different sponsorship levels, each with its own benefits. Click here to learn more.The Zoobilee is for young and old. Here a family is checking out the primates in the Peco Primate reserve
Jill Rizen and her man Andy Hennig Mike Menendez, Peco; Cathy Engel, Peco; and Joe Dixon, 6ABC. Cathy wants you to look to the sky on July 4th as PECO debuts it’s new lighting system. If you live downtown you might have seen them testing it out this past week.
Jaymra Perry, dashing Jonathan Vendrick and Melony Roy
I love live pink flamingos

Maryanne Gilmore, Deputy Director of Historical Society, with the President of the Historical Society, Kim Sajet
City Hall Tour Director, Greta Greenberger with Phila City Planner and husband Alan Greenberger, and well my husband Mike Toub

Mike was fascinated to learn that Hippos weigh 5 tons and run up to 35mphMany restaurants participated in the night, including Chima, Capital Grill, Susanna Foo, Fork, Mission Grille, Public House, Field House to name a few that I can remember
LaVeta and Solomon Jones. Mr. Jones is a successful author and you can find info about him here.
Philadelphia Magazine friendly Joey Conicella and Randi Edelmen
WOGL Morning Vixon Valerie Knight husband, Frank Sestito. Since we last chatted with DJ Frank of Second Story fame, he’s had a reunion with the old gang, twice. He’s gonna make it an annual thing. So if you hung out at Second Story, give a shout out to DJ Frank and he’ll give you the 411. I was a little young for 2nd Story, but if you partied in the 70’s & 80’s it was like our Studio 54. So click on the link and take yourself back to a time with little worry.

Party in the Carousel Tent or in Paradise Plaza. At sundown, enjoy a Water & Light Fantasy on Bird Lake.

The rains did not dampen any one’s spirit as we followed the crowd down to the dessert tent, where the festivities continued (I took a photo of the cakes, but did not sample it)
Daniel and Judith Frances, David Wagamen (Carpriccio Cafe check out their website I took 70% of the photos), Dennis Fee and Stephen Carlino (Owners of Tavern on Camac)
We need YOUR support to offer the finest care for our animals and advance our conservation, education, science and recreation missions.

In addition to feeding 1,300 rare and exotic animals, the Zoo’s operating budget supports a dedicated team of keepers, support staff and full-time veterinary care, and pays for exhibit and garden maintenance and much of the Zoo’s educational programming. And over the past few years, the Zoo has rededicated itself to its core purpose: leading conservation efforts by educating visitors and inspiring them to become involved in protecting wildlife. The Zoo’s engaging wildlife experiences, vibrant educational and interpretive programs, and worldwide conservation projects motivate people to learn more about the natural world and take steps to preserve it. From supporting our capital campaign to becoming a Friend of the Zoo, there are all kinds of ways for you to show your support of the Zoo and our important mission.

I never made it to the Avian Center to see the birds, but now that the Phlash makes stops there, I will be back soon. Sleepy time. I swear the one on the right side looked like he would doze right off the perch.