RONNIE & SAMMI the JERSEY SHORE Love Birds BROKEN UP DOING IT FOR GOOD PUBLICITY ala Jessica & Nick, Sonny & Cher, Jake & Reese??

Completing a week of crazy reality stars who visited the Philadelphia area, last Friday I went to a
KID ROCCO PROMOTIONS presents Half Way To The Jersey Shore at McFadden’s w/Kid Rocco, and blond cutie Deanndra Fichthorn & friend (sorry my note pad was ripped out of my hand by the crazed fans which you will read about shortly)Was off the hook out of control
the event was supposed to start about 9PM, but the love birds were behind about 2 hrs. During that time Lohan rolled in
No not the train wreck Lindsay, but her father the train wreck born again christian that constantly tells LL she needs to get her act together. Well just 1 degree of separation was enuf for “fans” to nuzzle up to him for a photo shoot.
He brought a few of his friends, 2 r 1 degree of Jon Gosselin so you know how they were rolling Hailey Glassman and Kate Major r former flings with JG, and for the past couple months Kate Major, to ML’s right has been his squeeze. Free T-Shirts
Babes fans of Jersey Shore.
Two of the 1500 people that showed up. Lauren Beley Marketing Manager for TicketLeap and her friend from Manyunk who was sweet, but then again notebook savagely taken by Jersey Shore wananbe.
Sha la la la i’m in love with a jersey girl

You know she thrills me with all her charms
When i’m wrapped up in my baby’s arms
My little girl gives me everything
I know that some day she’ll wear my ring
So don’t bother me man i ain’t got no time
I’m on my way to see that girl of mine
`cause down the shore everything’s all right
You and your baby on a saturday night
Nothing matters in this whole wide world
When you’re in love with a jersey girl
Snooki lover with blond hair

Fist pumpin’
You know she thrills me with all her charms
When i’m wrapped up in my baby’s arms
My little girl gives me everything
I know that some day she’ll wear my ring
The situation was represented
with blue hair & a snazzy belt buckle.
Then the couple arrived. Even Hailey Glassman was thrilled trying to snap a pix of happiness. The crowd was off the hook rude, like I twittered they probably have never seen a real celebrity and a crush was had with fights. Mostly guys who wanted to fist pump with Ronnie. The security at McFadden’s did an outstanding job protecting the duo.
The manager welcomes them
Cutest picture of the night

cause for the rest of the time they just spent it counting the money they were earning. There is no way these two are together. They are like gay for pay, doing it for the $$. For most of the show they were Ronnie & Sami, and that’s how their fan base was built. So until they get on board with the new season of MTV’s Jersey Shore and break up next season, they are stuck together in order to ask for top $$$.
cause I think Sami Sweetheart has someone else on her mind. This shot might have been clearer had the crazy fans not pushed me and/or torn my clothes and threw beers on me so they could get closer to their role models. I left shortly after this, but the crowd remained fist pumping, partying and having a great time.
What are your thoughts? Is it just a SHOWMANCE or the real thing?