On the Good Ship Lollipop otherwise known as the new party boat The Philadelphia Belle the 2011 Hair of the Dog took place Saturday night. And as the previous parties that have gone before this party was far from a bow wow, more like a WOW WOW.The party was spread out among 4 floors of the Belle, I arrived a little late as I was attending Anthony Sembello and Lauren Beloff’s Engagement Party about a mile away, but my date and I cut out just in time to catch the party in FULL SWING, and I mean swing.Carol Tamburino and moi on the stern of the boat. Did I ever tell you how I can tell where the stern is, and you might want to take notes here, my dad he had lots of boats when I was growing up. He often was stern, and well if the steering wheel wasn’t above the cabin on one boat, it was in the stern on the other, and now I never forget where the stern is. Ok where were we,
Well let’s start at the check in. Girls thanks for putting up with the cold and crazy folks so we could all have a good time. Hope you got something to eat, the food was delish.
Our host for the evening Dan Cronin (2nd to left). I am so honored to be invited back year after year and glad you like my witty comments. This guy knows how to throw a party and I wish he would throw one twice a year. With him are Niki Calesssio, Cassie Wolff and Ed Morgan, who 12 years ago met his wife a a Hair of the Dog party.
The dining floor reminded me of the Titanic, but this boat was sea worthy. Entertainment: Don’t Call Me Francis and DJ Jason Smith

Ilana Waber, Brittany Buschel, Greg Blum, and Alexander Hankin heading to Whisper.
and full of lots of beautiful people: “Hair of the dog” is a colloquial English expression predominantly used to refer to alcohol that is consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover. The expression originally referred to a method of treatment of a rabid dog bite by placing hair from the dog in the bite wound.[1] The use of the phrase as a metaphor for a hangover treatment dates back to the time of William Shakespeare. Ebenezer Cobham Brewer writes in the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1898): “In Scotland it is a popular belief that a few hairs of the dog that bit you applied to the wound will prevent evil consequences. Applied to drinks, it means, if overnight you have indulged too freely, take a glass of the same wine within 24 hours to soothe the nerves. ‘If this dog do you bite, soon as out of your bed, take a hair of the tail the next day.'”
guest, Aida Strata, Michael Piszek, Allison Smith, Joe Valle and Amber Goins
Does this girl know something we don’t know, cause she’s almost touching his knee and they are both smiling
Vlad Lokshin and Mary Feng were just about to dig into the meatballs when I caught this shot.
I spent a lot of time in the dining room cause it was nice and bright, plus I kept running into fun people to shoot. The two floors above me were the VIP floors, and below was the berth. I never made it to that deck, but I’m sure the crowd had a great time, for $85 open bar, food and a band sounds like a bargain to me.
Danny Benefeld and Bacherlorette, birthday girl Helene Eksterowicz were out and about before the headed over to Whisper.
Sweet nothings no doubt are being whispered into Ryan’s ear by Hillary Coe as Kellie Gaglioti looks onLooking fabulous as always Jon and Julie Dorenbos. We chatted about Twitter as Julie is getting quite a fan base, and is always so funny.
On the Lido deck fun was had by all. I love that these two women feel comfortable enough to come to the party and dance their hearts out.
Glamour was the star of the night, as well as Nicole Miller gowns and dresses. Buffy Morgan has a beautiful full length Nicole Miller on. Angela and Katrina Barrack round out this picture. You’ll remember Angela won Delilah’s Entertainment of the Year Award with her version of Flashdance.

This week is the annual Nicole Miller sale at the Bellevue shop. I forgot to mention it last week. It’s like equinox, it always falls right around the Hair of the Dog, and the Academy Ball on January 29, 2011. BTW thanks to the Papadakis family for buying an advertisement in the Academy Ball Book in honor of my sister Judy. It will certainly bring a lot of awareness to Ovarian Cancer. Wait until who I picked to be in the photo with me.
Crish Woodill, Kristin McKale, Kathleen Zielinski, Domenic Gagventi, and Brittany Malanado
Matt Leiter, Lee Satanoff and Danielle Krupa

Amber Goins and Ashley Allphin are planning a Junior League event for 4/3/11 at The Piazza. Look for a great fashion show and a lot of fun.
Matt Seng and fun, loving sister Tracy Seng from Philly Magazine

Dicia Miller and Carol Drumsta, Brown & Forman Beverages.
Jim and Sandi Gatch, and Brian Cronin spent most of the night dancing, but I caught this shot of them at rest

Kristin Kyriss and Debbi Jaye. Sporting
Michael Spain-Smith and friends
Matt Cord, Chuck Peruto, Sam Weiner, John Bolaris, John Colabelli and Jimmy Maransky
A portion of the Proceeds from the Hair of the Dog: Adopt-A-Pig Charity
Adopt-A-Pig charity which is based in Philadelphia. Adopt-A-Pig is a program designed to help children and their families cope as they face their greatest challenge, fighting cancer. Proceeds benefit a variety of support services for patients and their families. Pediatric cancer patients and survivors paint and decorate piggy banks, which sponsors adopt and begin collecting donations. When each bank is full, the change inside is counted and a check is sent to Adopt-A-Pig.
Top Shop wearing Joann Zielinski, Joanna Wunes, Christina Rowe wearing Ports from Joan Shepp she tells me.
Auggie Cipollini, Chief administrative officer, borgata and wife Beth
Melony Roy
And we’ll have fun, fun, fun, until
as I made my way to the ZEE Bar, which is like an entire different experience. (Photos that don’t appear on this blog can be found here on Friday for review & purchase. $7 a download.