LUSH brought their LUSH Spa concept to North America by
opening two spas in New York City and Philadelphia. Last week they held a
grand opening party, and gave tours of the new space.

The LUSH Spa celebrates what it truly means to have an indulgent
spa treatment, it’s also the ultimate LUSH experience. They’ve 
incorporated some of their most loved inventions, like the massage bar,
into the treatments, and each of the spa products is handmade with fresh

The guest list varied and included lifestyle bloggers, local media and loyal Lush clients including Rachael Perry, Michele Whitehouse and Leyla Papazian

Lifestyle blogger Emily Tharp and Shen Dove
Men’s fashion blogger Ian M Crumm and blogger Melody Wright
Jamill James,, Marisa Peal and Brandi
, Lush Director of Brand Communications
I think it’s a requirement for the Lush employees to have very intricate, lush tattoos, I tweeted from the party
Pamela Harper, Allen Barkus and Susan Rontarte
Elizabeth Wellington, Fashion Writer for Philadelphia Inquirer and Jenice Armstrong, Phila. Daily News Columnist
Sarah McCleary and Ian Bogus
Mary Morelli, Lauren Morihana and Brenda Brown 
As Reese Witherspoon says “There’s a baby in the bar.” The Lush Bar that is.
Shawna Yahr, Stacie Spiegel and Kim Czajka, Lush Manager
Desiree Cocco and Molly Napolitano – Slim Belly
Nicole Chetwynd, Lisa Appelbaum and Roxy White
Most everyone I talked to loved the soaps that are sold at Lush

These gals recommend the Dragon Baum bath oil
The kitchen at the LUSH Spa is reminiscence of an English Kitchen. It’s here where you will choose from a menu of massages to achieve the end feeling you want to have that day – Enlightened, Peaceful, Relaxed, Energized etc,

Synaesthesia Treatment with hot rock chakra placements – 80 minutes for $240

With each massage, customers can pick one behavioral trait to reflect how they want to feel and then
each treatment is tailored to that trait.

 The Good Hour Treatment. A deep tissue massage in a nautical themed room
with music to make you feel like you are on the high seas.

Validation Facial $140 for 60 minutes

30 minutes for a Tailormade massage $120

Beka, Laura, Jacklyn, Alexa, and Ashley

Gregory McKemma, Natalie Torriero and Wendy Grant

Maria Z, Jessica Lopez, editor where Magazine and blogger Jade Barnes