Rants & Raves This Week

Hello there, it’s Monday afternoon. I slept late. Last year that would be a rant, this year it’s a rave cause is there anything better to do. One week and I already broke my promise to publish three times a week. I need to fix that. I need a purpose now, more than ever. I know a lot of you gig workers, entrepreneurs, folks without kids, or who never had kids, even those who have a promised job when this is over are going through the WTH right now. How did this happen. It’s been one week since I left the house, and out of the 5 weeks since Stay at Home, social distancing, this was the hardest week. Mike told me the first 4 weeks I was fighting to stay alive, now I’m fighting to have a livelihood or a purpose. I feel there must be a purpose that I survived, and as soon as I get over this depression I’ll look for it.

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If you're trying to keep up, today is Monday!

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I love that CBSPhilly posts this everyday.

Good news the sinkhole at 3rd and Arch is being worked on and looks to be almost ready for when Stay at Home is lifted.

Love these, and Dori

I’ve been following Debi Mazar for a few weeks now, after she went public with her COVID19 status. She was snapped by a paparazzo in NYC as she left her house yesterday. She was furious and went after him on her Instagram, telling him off saying this was a private moment, she felt it was an invasion of privacy etc.

We all know, she’s a public person, and it’s not an invasion of privacy, but what I wanted her to know is she as any public person, serves the greater good of humanity and the world. She had already chronicled her illness on Instagram, and now this article which retells her story would serve to take the fear out of people who don’t follow her. She LIKED it, and then she deleted the post. Here’s the DailyMail Story. Go follow her, she’s fun.

So many great eateries feeding out Frontline Health Workers.

According to SJ Magazine “Our favorite sports stars are taking the #AllInChallenge and offering some mind-blowing prizes in exchange for donations to support coronavirus relief.”

The campaign, announced Tuesday, is raising funds to address food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic. All of the donations collected through the campaign will go directly to Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry.

Prizes include everything from celebrity experiences to their personal belongings, and they are being given away by auction and raffle. Check out some of the prizes you could win. Check out the story at SJ Magazine
BTW Zach & Julie Ertz are participating as well. They were spotted at the Whole Foods in the Art Museum area last month, waiting in line like everyone else, but it was before masks were mandatory.

Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas present Keglen. A comprehensive series of new lamps characterized by its geometric design and lighting quality.

Jakob Lange, the desinger of Keglen, will join us for this webinar as a guest host.

Kasper Hammer, Director, Product & Design – Architectural & Outdoor and Jakob Lange from BIG Ideas, will talk about Keglen and the story behind the design. Sign Up Here.

From my friend Kristina: Hi love hope you are doing well!!!! Figured you would like this…. Socially distant 20 second token senior prom sitch of my son Ethan ! He thought they were zoom promming but then his girlfriend showed up to have a proper prom moment in her dress . This captures it so well! Flowers hand picked from the garden with sanitized hands and delivered by air mail… as you can see to his beautiful girlfriend Sarah . Ahhh who ever thought!