Blue Angels, Thunderbirds Salute Health Care Workers With Flyover in Philly

It happened, of course we’d love if the money was used for the Front Line Health Care Workers instead of honoring them, but that wasn’t an optional. Let’s look at a few photos I shot, and at the end there’s a link to CBSPhilly with more photos.

They started much further over NJ than I expected, but now that I think of it it made sense as they had to do a big turn to go over the City towards University City. I probably should have used my 600 mm lens for this shot, but I’m ok with it. I was excited to see them.
I got the shot I envisioned from my balcony with a few of my favorite buildings in view
After circling University of Pa they swung by Philly again towards South Jersey so they could turn again and head towards the Willow Grove area. I wonder why they didn’t do the red white and blue smoke, but went with the white smoke.
Then I ran out, across the street to see who was watching from the Art Museum Steps, it turned out a lot of people not very good at Socially Distancing, but most had masks on.

One final fly over. I have a few photos including crowd shots
CBSPhilly Photos