The Selfie Project

I’m fascinated by people taking selfies. I remember when that craze started a few years ago, people either loved it or hated it swearing to never partake. Well I did give in and have been known to do a selfie or two in my life. At first I would only do half face selfies, but then I grew to love me and selfies and I am all in. Over the years I’ve captured a few of youse doing your best selfie and I present them here.

Freeman Interiors is an award winning Interior Design firm that emphasizes quality & detail in all phases of design from space planning, to design-build and accessories.
Pinefish – This seafood specialist offers a raw bar, lobsters, steaks, happy-hour oysters & a full bar. 1138 Pine St.

I had so much fun doing this project. If you want to send me a selfie or tag me in one of your favorite ones, I’ll do another column in a few weeks. Thanks.