Great News: Cake Life Bake Shop Hopes To Re Open in the Future

Good news, although Cake Life Bake Shop is currently closed, they’re optimistic about re opening. After my blog post this morning, so many people were upset and word did reach them and they issued a statement. They were very kind about my blog post. I did have a legit good source who told me, someone close to them, their phone and info email was disconnected. BUT I AM STOKE they might re open in the future. It would be a loss to our sweet tooth if they didn’t!!

@cakelifebakeshop was incredibly understanding and apologized for the confusion. That was very nice for a mistake I made. It’s a lesson learned. A lot of times I do usually give these unconfirmed stories to other people, reporters, outlets, but I thought with all those elements in place they were closed for good. I’m glad I was wrong, and excited for their future and for our sweet tooth.

In the 13 years I’ve been writing PhillyChitChat the only other story I got wrong was saying Wegman’s was going to Broad & Washington. They didn’t and I donated $500 to a school when I lost the bet over that prediction. I’ll be giving Cake Life Bake Shop an ad when they re open, a $500 value. Thankfully they really are closed right now….