This & That: Wanted Poll Workers, Balloon Bocce, Bernard Hopkins & Other Philly Good News

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I’ve never been more excited for September 1st in my life. We’re that much closer to the event of the pandemic, the election, the future, and I believe it looks bright. So much news happening, good news, and I’m happy to bring it to you. Also if you’re a subscriber who gets the blog delivered in full in your email, if you want to see the Instagram photos posted on the blog, click the link at the top and it will take you to my blog. For some reason they don’t show up in the email blasts like all the other photos. OK Let’s get started… although the first post is a nationwide outreach, the Ovarian Cancer charity is run by my sister Janine, in Charlotte, but she’s from the Philly area.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, statewide, Pennsylvania is in need of 15,000 new poll workers to work on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, to work what has traditionally often been a job fulfilled by citizens of a more advanced age.   It is essential that our polling places are adequately staffed with helpful and passionate community members. Enter The Voter Project, a non-partisan organization that seeks to recruit community-minded citizens (such as you!) eager to work the polls and ensure a smooth, seamless, and safe election day.

Potential poll workers (a paid position) can sign up viawww.thevoterproject.com

Inbox: With live sports attendance on hold, Philadelphia is hungry for a big game we can all get excited about. This Labor Day weekend, LUIGI’S Real Italian Ice is serving up a brand-new sport we call Hot Air Balloon Bocce that is sure to satisfy every Philadelphian hankering for a new pastime. Launching from a TBD location, our custom-designed hot air balloon will set flight at dusk and dawn on Saturday, Sept. 5th* and Sunday, Sept. 6th*, bringing the beloved backyard game of bocce to the skies as we float directly over the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Square. Should we navigate the winds successfully, everyone in Philly wins free LUIGI’S! The catch? The only thing guiding us toward a win is luck itself. That’s right, we’re turning the city of Philadelphia into a larger-than-life bocce ball court and only the winds can decide if we’ll hit the mark.We’ll be sharing the balloon’s coordinates in real-time on our social channels, so fans can follow along and post, using #LUIGISInTheSky.

I’m always losing my mask, John Wind has come up with a good pivot for the chain which usually holds my glasses.

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We opened up PBJ Soft Serve as a family business in March 2019. After much learning and getting to know our community, we had big plans for a great second season. While COVID-19 restrictions delayed the start of our second season, and that of many other seasonal businesses, we had a great response. Many local families reached out to us to help celebrate their drive by, socially distanced graduations in lieu of formal ones that had been cancelled or postponed. Catering specific food trucks traditionally rely on large, outdoor gatherings to stay up and running, but we pivoted our approach and continued to serve our community where it was needed the most. Given the shift in how the country has become more adept to virtual means of operating, we've encountered great timing for an opportunity to be closer to our families out of state, and are working on making that transition. Unfortunately, we cannot bring our ice cream business with us, and will be shutting down final operations today, Monday, August 31, 2020. To our Philadelphia and Lower Merion Area customers, we're so appreciative of the trust you placed in us and for allowing us to contribute to so many events, whether it was for a festival, birthday party, graduation, or employee appreciation. THANK YOU. While short, we enjoyed the journey and look forward to handing over the reins of PBJ Soft Serve. If you or someone you know is interested in taking over the business, email pbjsoftserve@gmail.com for more details.

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Sad to see PBJ Soft Serve move away. They really built up a nice business over the past couple years. They even served treats to the many movies who filmed in the area. If you or someone you know is interested in taking over the business, email pbjsoftserve@gmail.com for more details.

Tomorrow, World Champion Bernard Hopkins and members of Joe Frasier’s family will be at the dedication of new signage at the entrance to the Boxers’ Trail. On Wednesday, September 2 at 10 am, Fairmount Park Conservancy, community members, and representatives of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation will highlight the history of the Boxers’ Trail in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood.

It’s a great neighborhood story: how the Boxers’ Trail got its name, the history of boxing in Strawberry Mansion and across the city, and a way to tell stories of predominantly Black communities. Follow along with the ceremony HERE.