The Rittenhouse Square Irish Pub is For Sale, An Art Exhibit and Congrats are in Order

Happy Sunday, best wishes for a great day and Make it Count. A few Sundays ago Mike and I went to the funeral of our good friend Ceil Banks, who passed away at 95 (graveside service, socially distant with 10 people); A neighbor friend, who became family. Wise, positive and kind, Ceil would wish us a good day, and say Make it Count. She only had to tell us once what that meant.
Today is the only 12/20/20 for all of us, Make it Count !! (Be kind, smile, and know you did your best.) (Photo taken Lancaster 12/18)
The Irish Pub reigned on Walnut Street for two decades
(one near 12th and Walnut [sold last year], and the one above at 20th and Walnut. I took this shot over the summer when I heard a rumor they were closing.)
It was the place to go to have fun, meet up with friends, find your love, hang with celebrities like Bruce Willis and especially the Philadelphia Flyers.
I can finally confirm this was true as I was there that night. Those were the days, so fun.
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I wrote to ask about the rumors in August and received this:
All is well with the pub. As the owner Mark Connor just said to me… “The Pub is boarded until we open, just in case. Not going to open until we can use that beautiful bar….” Sadly that time is not going to come for Mark as he’s put the bar, and building he owns up for sale.

Thanks to Mark for the fun, and especially for all his wonderful philanthropy which benefited kids, the police and the community through various events he sponsored. The Irish Pub will not soon be forgotten.

The Irish Pub Rittenhouse Square For Sale Listing

The USPS Art Project is an  artist collaboration project created by InLiquid artist member Christina Massey, free and open for anyone who wants to participate. The goal is for unique collaborative artworks to be created, while helping the USPS by sending and receiving packages. InLiquid is thrilled to host the USPS Art Project here in Philadelphia at the Park Towne Place Art Studio. Through January 17, 2021.

Congrats to Randi and Jon on their engagement

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