Tuesday This & That: Tiffany Haddish Shouts Out Patty Jackson, Kobe Bryant Remembered, and LesbiVeggies

Hey guys, hope you’re well, keeping warm and connected with loved ones. It’s Tuesday, it’s been a while since I’ve done an around town column. Sometimes I just end up doing these tidbits on Social Media, but I need to get on the ball and collectively put them here as well for those who only follow me here. Lately I have really gotten into this new App called Clubhouse. It reminds me of an AOL Chat Room for business, and late night gossip. Tiffany Haddish is always lurking around offering good chatter and funny moments. Last night we made a connection, I’m one degree separate now, LOL.

Last night legendary DJ Patty Jackson who just celebrated her 39th anniversary in radio, was a trivia question in a room last night in the new Clubhouse APP. Actress/comedian Tiffany Haddish answered the question without missing a beat. PATTY IS A LEGEND!! That was so awesome. Sign up for Clubhouse, it’s still in beta, you have to have an IPhone, and currently there’s a wait list, although it goes quick.

January 26, 2020 is a date we all rmember, the day Kobe died. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since that tragic day, one of those days where we all know where and what we were doing when the news broke. I was at a birthday party with a bunch of journalists, who stopped what they were doing to call into their respective stations for their next assignments. The mood as you can imagined, turned to shock and disbelief after I announced quietly to people what had happened. Condolences to his family and to all who loved and admired Kobe Bryant. Here’s a link to a few stories.

A new vegetarian eatery is opening close to Philly, in Audubon NJ, right next door to Splitting Hairs where Jodi Clark cuts my hair, every two months cause I’m kinda bald. ANYWAY I read about LesbiVeggies cafe which will open in February, offering creative, locally sourced, plant-based fare . Check out the article at the Courier Post about the new cafe at 112 W. Merchant St in Audubon, NJ. About a 20 minute drive from City Hall.

Chat with you tomorrow. HughE