WoofWoof Wed: National Puppy Day In Philly

Good Wednesday. First welcome to all my new followers, we had quite a rush this week with over 3 dozen, and I really appreciate it. You keep me motivated to get up and get out while I am sparodically employed these days. I’m probably shooting 3 events a month, I used to do that in a day. But we are all in the same boat until the world opens up. I just want to thank you. I love that people tell me they love this weekly feature of Woof Woof Wednesday. I really enjoyed all the puppies, and dogs in my timeline yesterday for National Puppy Day. I was only going to do a bakers dozen, but it was too hard to choose.

Welcome to Philly, I love your people watching stairs.

We’ll miss you buddy, enjoy NYC. I once lived there too. They have this gigantic park in the center of town, but please don’t chase the birds at the Ramble.

Have a wooferdal day!!