Seen in Philly This Week, Philly Is Open

Hey Friday. Looking Pretty. I walked around town this week and got a few photos you might like, and fashion as it is Fashion Friday after all.
This women is on brand with her favorite color pink.
Paine Skateboard park is always a great spot to see mad skillz
Macy’s windows brighten my day
I’m humming Secret Agent Man in my head
I like waving to this guy when I pass his way, he was open right through the pandemic
Dogs make me smile, but I realize now I can’t have one, I don’t have the discipline and soon not the time to properly care for the bundle of joy. Please tell Mike that so he will take off the barking dog recorder on our Alexa. Everytime I open the front door it begins to bark and reminds me I have to take the dog for a walk after it left me a surprise somewhere in the house.
But they are so cute.
It was great to see the City, was working on the Van Coln field this month, where the homeless lived last fall and summer, and dogs and kids playing ball have returned.

Head over to my Instagram to see the video I did for Fashion Friday featuring a few people not on the blog today. See you on Sunday when I will have a fun and informative Round Up of things to do, and exciting things to come. Thanks HughE