Why Was John Legend in Town and What Did He Buy – Rainbows at Dead & Co.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hello PhillyChitChatters, thanks for subscribing to my blog. We hit 42ks subscribers earlier this month. I appreciate it. Sometimes when people unsubscribe I want to write and ask why, but I know everything has a season and maybe their lives are too busy to keep up with my chronicling the City and my life. Thank you for hanging in there with me. Let’s do a little gossip today, then this week I promise to publish a few events I covered, published elsewhere but also meant to cover here as well. Then I’m going away for about 8 days. I hope to pre write a few entries, but you know me very distractable…

Earlier this week I posted on Twitter and Instagram on Chrissy Teigan spotted around town. Now I know a little more about why she and John Legend were in town.

The duo, their kids and her glam squad were staying at the Four Seasons in Rittenhouse Square. John Legend is about to embark on a tour, which will bring him to our area October 13 at the Met on North Broad. He rehearsed in Philly in preparation for his tour. Chrissy was spotted at the Please Touch Museum and rode the carousel with the kids, later they had lunch at the Reading Terming Market.

Chrissy and her glam squad went on a shopping spree at the Rite Aid across from the Four Seasons at 19th and Arch. They bought candy, clothing, and magazines which they spread out on the dining room table back at the hotel. Later that week Legend stopped by and bough Philadelphia postcards, about 6 of them!! He’s no stranger to Philly having gone to school here and graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1999. (Philly Style Mag) Finally Chrissy and John enjoyed a bite to eat at JG Sky High. Jean Georges re opens in September and we will all once again enjoy delicious dinners at the City’s highest restaurant, with the breath taking views. Tickets still available for Legend’s concert…

At last night’s MMR Rocks Dead & Company. Saturday, August 21, 2021 at Citizens Bank Park – a packed house, good music and rainbows.