Patty Jackson, Victory Brewing and Federal Donuts Looking Good BB Game

Happy Tuesday. I’m just going to dive in on this subject. It’s been a few days since I underwent my first colonoscopy in a decade. I was overdue, colon cancer runs in my family, and my siblings go every few years starting in their early 40s, whereas I put mine off as I just did. No good excuse. In the past year I suffered serious backaches, where in the spring I was bedridden for most of it, missing my bird migration. In recent weeks I had serious stomach aches, and one of my blood tests came back bad. An emergency colonoscopy was ordered. It was a stressful week. But everything turned out OK. It seems stress and my coffee habit was causing stress on my digestive system.

I was lucky. What I learned is, don’t be me. When you come of age, 45, you can get a colonoscopy. It’s preventive care. Don’t wait until it’s emergency, and the voices in your head take you down a dark road while waiting for the procedure. The bottom line during a colonoscopy, your doctor checks for abnormalities or disease in your large intestine, particularly the colon. The prep is so easy now, especially since you mix it with Gatorade, a drink we all love, or if you don’t Crystal Light. My doctors are at Jefferson, but I’m sure where ever your doctor is located, they’ll do a great job as well. The staff does this every day, and are able to put you at ease and answer any question you might have. BTW the nurse wants me to assure you you will not have an accident on the table, it’s just like getting your teeth cleaned, where the tool is also a suction cup. So don’t be afraid of doing preventitve care, whether it’s a colonoscopy, endoscopy, mammogram, diabetes care, PSA, annual physical. You can either take care of it today, or in an emergency someday, and that my friend is no fun.

The doctor said get up and move around as soon as you can, so the next day Mike and I went for a walk. I see Victory Brewing Company at 18th and the Parkway is very close to opening. The tables are set, the gift store is stock and the outside tables are in place. I bet the place is packed by Halloween. It looks beautiful.

Victory is part of the Pearl Properties renovation of the former hotel, now apartment building called The Terrence. Look for a Federal Donuts to open at this location soon.

Sad to have missed my friend Patty Jackson’s street naming ceremony on Friday. So glad my friend Kory Aversa was able to be there for us, oh and my other friend “in my head” Patti LaBelle. Congratulations Patty Jackson, a deserved honor as you have made a positive impact on so many peoples lives over the decades you’ve been on the air at WDAS, and through out your body of work here in Philadelphia.

Happening this Saturday at the Northeast Family Y The Anti-violence Basketball Game. INFO HERE> Peace out. ChitChat soon, HughE