Lynsie Blair Inc. Girls Night Out

Lynsie, Kim, Jenny and Joelle

On Wednesday, October 13th, Kimberly Boutique and Lynsie Blair Inc. hosted an intimate girls night to celebrate the beginning of fall. There was amazing fashion, curated cocktails and a beautiful charcuterie board by Erin Casey. Fun and a wonderful fall wardrobe update was had by all. Let’s see who stopped by then head to the bottom of the entry for upcoming news….

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been shooting WMMR’s Camp Out For Hunger everyday this week, so head on over to my Social Media to see who has stopped by. Also don’t forget to grab a coat today, and turn back your clocks on Saturday before you go to sleep. One more thing, everyone is having their holiday press conferences this week so get out your date books for Thanksgiving, the Christmas Village dates, tree lightings and a big announcement by the City on Thursday which will exciting the little kid in everyone!! (Check back tomorrow for complete details here on PhillyChitChat) Have a great day.!!