Brooklyn Bowl Opens in Fishtown

John Heinz Nature Preserve, so close. It’s near the airport.

Sorry I was MIA there for a few days. I’ve been shooting 2 or 3 events a day and placing columns in my media outlets. Sending photos back to clients, and finally getting to my invoices. So if you’re a client, I promise to get it to you this month, before the end of the year. I read your emails. Anywho just wanted to tell you where I was with things…. busy. As we all are as life returns to semi normal. Not really though, right.

Brooklyn Bowl opened this week in the Fishtown section, next to the Fillmore, and across the street from Rivers Casino. I attended the friends & family party two weeks ago. It was a blast. It’s a combination of a bowling alley, cool, loungy bar downstairs. A concert hall with bowling upstairs. It’s a great asset to the Philadelphia nightlife scene, especially if your looking for something different, want to enjoy a night out with friends and dance in place.

They have drinks and food

You can bowl too

It was great to see so many PhillyChitChat readers. I really appreciate your support all these years!!

It was dark so I didn’t get any names, but this couple on the right you MIGHT remember from a gesture I did. They contacted me on Instagram about 5 years ago one night. She had lost her engagement ring and wanted me to ask you all to be on the look out. The post went viral and everyone on that night was trying to locate it. She told me she had heard from so many people who were concerned. Finally the next day she contacted me to tell me it had been found. Somehow it fell off her finger and into her bed. A happy ending, and thanks to all who made the effort, I thanked them then, and today as well. What a great community we have….. chitchat with you tomorrow. Thanks Live Nation for having me.