January 2022 Fun Snow Day in Philly – Streets Report

John Heinz Wildlife Refuge which is near the PHL Airport

Finally Philly received some decent snow, and I quickly ran out during it and afterwards to grab a few photos for us, especially those of us who didn’t venture out.

Although the snow wasn’t ideal for sledding on the Art Museum Steps, at first I thought we didn’t get enough snow and I had said that was the reason it wasn’t good on my InstaStory, NBC10’s Steve Sosna wrote me to tell me it was because it was fluffy, and not the wet kinda snow we are used to getting. That makes sense.

When it’s wet, it can easily be packed down for a nice smooth ride,

but yesterday I heard a lot of groans from the bigger kids as they felt each and every step they slid by

Some got lucky though….

Everyone had a good time.

Thanks City of Philadelphia for shoveling the snow for the sledders to go up the stairs. It’s not to enter the art museum, as this entrance is always closed. These steps are for exercise, the view of the City and sledding. The entrance to the Art Museum is on the North Side, or West Side, which is technically the front of the building. BTW the hill on that side is a great sledding spot as well.

And across the street is decent, but not recommended as it leads to the busy Kelly Drive

The City did a good job on the main streets, by the time I circled the City, most of the Parkway, Market Street, Broad Street looked good.

It was dicey on the secondary streets, so bring a shovel, even today if you venture out.

Lemon Hill is a great place to sled. There’s plenty of parking, and a view of the skyline which is breathtaking. The roads leading to the hill were beautifully plowed. Thanks City Streets Department.

I don’t know how these people did it, but they built the beginnings of an igloo out of the fluffy snow in Fairmount Park

This is the cutest video I have ever taken

Be careful out there today, there’s a lot of black ice, slippery sidewalks, and snowy streets, but more important it is sooo cold!! I’m away for the next two days, so let’s Chit Chat on Tuesday. I will be instagraming also check out more photos on CBSPhilly, I appreciate you checking out my media partners as they keep me in business. Thanks so much!!