Support Me In Raising Money As I Dance for Character at CITRS – 3/19/22

Help Me Dance My Way to A Lot of Fun, I love to dance but I have to say learning professional dancing is not an easy feat. Fun though.

I’m super excited to participate in the Dance for Character presented by CITRs charity event on March 19. I’ve worked with the folks at CITRs over the years, learned about their program, which is very unique. They have programs to re invigorate teachers suffering burnout. The workshops tap into the reasons they chose this field. It also helps them with the tools they need to convey to the students to help them build character to grow into productive adults. You can learn about their programs here

You could attend the event and cheer moi and my fellow dancers on to victory, or just fun.

You could attend the event, or vote for me with a donation HERE