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Party Pixs: Gross Mc Cleaf’s Interesting Collab

Last week Rebecca Segall, Owner and Director of Gross McCleaf Gallery (127 S 16th St) hosted a cocktail party celebrating the collaboration of artist Thomas Paul Raggio and CMMP. Thomas Paul Raggio’s solo exhibit will be on display featuring CMMP garments highlighting the lining collab.

Seasonally, CMMP partners with a US-based contemporary artist to design exclusive linings for our blazers and suits. For SS22 we decided to partner with Thomas Paul Raggio, a philly-based contemporary artist and fine art lecturer. His use of color and clean geometric images are the perfect contrast to our suiting. (note the lining of the coat which matches Raggio’s painting above the jacket.)

Artist Tom Raggio and Nadine Raggio

Thomas Paul Raggio: In The Valley

I contemplate every color, mark, and placement of the line to formulate what I call rhythmic velocities: relationships of color and motion that give life to the composition, creating a heartbeat. I am interested in the duality of math and design: through repetition, a line made of color becomes a rhythmic pattern. This concept is found when composing music, organic landscapes and architectural structures. By referencing these sources, my abstractions transcend their formal components, reaching beyond a minimalist canon.” – Thomas Paul Raggio

Gross McCleaf Gallery Team: David Heshmatpour, Emma Rose Cook, Rebecca Segall, and Morgan Hobbs
Vicky Leno, Kristin Camel and Vanessa Daboli
Rachel Zimmerman, Artistic and Executive Director of InLiquid and Chris Poehlmand, owner at CPLIGHTING
Sabir Peele wearing a sports suit ironically on brand.
JP Calabro and Robert Robinson

Gross McCleaf Gallery has been an esteemed fixture on Philly’s gallery scene for more than 50 years, but with the recent retirement of longtime owner Sharon Ewing and the new ownership under PAFA graduate Rebecca Segall, the contemporary gallery is prepared to take on the next half-century with a refreshed—and decidedly modernday— perspective * source. Look for more exciting exhibition openings, and receptions.