Welsh Society of Philadelphia 294th Annual

Good morning. WOW, that’s all I have to say about last night. Thanks to youse that have reached out. I am still here. I have been shooting events day and night, and working with clients to the determent of blogging. Right now it’s just me, my sister Janine will be coming back soon to do my invoicing (I know 3 months behind) and reading mail. Things got busy real quick and caught me off guard. ANYway. Thanks to the Philadelphia Welsh Society for having me cover their annual gala earlier this month.

The Welsh Society of Philadelphia 294th Annual Banquet in honor of St. David, 6:00pm, Merion Cricket Club. I met some very nice people, I didn’t collect names on this event as of right now my major mags are still on pause, but currently am contributing to CBSPhilly, Metro and they’d don’t require names for folks.

Dr. Philip Davies (l) received the Robert Morris Award in person and actor Matthew Rhys received the Excellence in the Arts Award via zoom, Jack Williams – President – Welsh Society of Philadelphia (r)

At the start of dinner their was a Presentation of Colors and then The Star Spangled Banner was sung.

How do you present colors at a ceremony?The flag bearers place the flags in the stands and take a step backwards. When the colors have been presented, the group faces the flags and stands at attention. Honor is given to the flag, whether it is a salute, standing at attention or removal of hats and placing hands over hearts.

The Welsh Society of Philadelphia is the oldest ethic society in the country, founded in 1729. With a strong and distinguished Welsh population, the Welsh Society of Philadelphia continued to meet and to assist needy Welsh immigrants throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

More recently, the Welsh Society has led the way among Welsh-American organizations in cultural, philanthropic, and educational programs.