Stars Abound In Philly, Sly and the Family Stallone on the Rocky Steps, Plus

Welcome Back, oh wait that’s me. I’m so busy, and then the Phillies were in the series oh my gosh I was so caught up in Phillies fever. I did make it to a game last week, and posted about in on my socials. I was so fun. Here’s a link. I really focused on the fans, they’re so exuberant and I loved it. Thanks to the Phillies for a fantastic season, none of us expected. I was at Live Casino the other night for an event I took this around midnight, after the game. People were cheering, and thanking the Phils for a great season, as I am sure you were as well.

Sunday at the Philadelphia Art Museum


Thanks to my reader anonymous, who sent me the video and photo #sylvesterstallone and family at #rockysteps . Happy to see he and his wife reconciled. the family was in town to promote #tigereye coffee . Saturday night I hear they went to Victor café for dinner. Victor Café is featured in the rocky franchise, and in the Creed movies it’s called. Adrian after Rocky’s deceased wife. What a thrill it must’ve been when he showed up at the rocky statue as well as the Rocky steps..@artmuseum

Tuesday, November 8 is election day as you know. This past weekend specifically Sunday there was a big drive to get out the vote. Some of you might’ve been surprised to answer your door and find @kerrywashington , @paulinaporizkov @jabaribanks standing there.

Philly’s owen Writer/Director Brandon Eric Kamin and Star Nick Nolte at the Premiere of Rittenhouse Square during the Philadelphia Film Society’s Film Festival at Phila Film Center. (which was also the night the Phillies clinched the National League Pennant.) The film received rave reviews, and is waiting for a distributor. Check out an interview with Brandon HERE with Alicia Vitarelli.

The Legendary group En Vogue is coming to Rivers Casino Philadelphia for an unforgettable concert! INFO