Scene: Philly’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanks so much to you my readers, for being here, as well as bearing with me these past few years. This year was especially difficult as I was overwhelmed with work, which is a great thing of course, but then many of my media outlets were overwhelmed as well and stopped running my photos. Most are back, CBSPhilly, Phila Tribune, Mainline Today, Philly Metro and Philly Style Online, and it’s very exciting, Not back, and maybe gone forever… Philly Mag, Biz Journal, Philly Voice. But I am most grateful to clients who stuck with me and know the value of the PhillyChitChat platform, the blog and it’s social medias. Who knew most people in the 2020’s decade would look to SM for what’s new, happening and in the news… I was just there for the photos, but now it’s a terrific vehicle for my services
Commissioner Outlaw at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
It was a beautiful warm day
I love when the balloon handlers spin the props. It’s thrilling for the kids too.
These kids thought ahead
We can’t change the past, but we can celebrate the present and look towards a brighter future
Love them
Thanksgiving Joy
Fun Traditions, that is what today’s Thanksgiving Day is about.
Councilperson Candidate Terrill Haigler
The Visit Philly Float

I learned yesterday the talent stands on the left side of the float, as that is the side which is televised on 6ABC at Eakins Oval

The Visit Philly Holiday Parade is next Saturday, 12/3/22

Jamie Apody and Nydia Han – 6ABC Reporters/Anchors (It warms my heart that these two who are on TV everyday, still get excited for me to photograph them. I really appreciate it)
Sheryl Lee Ralph, getting her flowers, which frankly we should have given her years before. What a Philly treasure, married to Sen Vincent Hughes for over a decade, she’s been supporting our community for years.

I can’t thank you readers enough for consuming and enjoying my content. It’s always nice to meet you, especially folks like this. Michael N and I were walking down JFK to see Santa, and these two you kids walked up to me and said “Are you PhillyChitChat?, my family, parents, love your content. ” OK you got me balling inside. I’m so ecstatic that I am proving good info to the City, and keeping people informed.

Thank you sooo much, HughE. See you on Monday, or on SM INSTAGRAM and Twitter.