Rittenhouse Square is Lit. Stop By

Rittenhouse Square was lit last night

Friends of Rittenhouse Square lit the Rittenhouse Tree and Square on Wednesday, December 7th. Hundreds of Philadelphians enjoyed the festivities which included performances by the Philly Pops, the Greater Philadelphia Choral Society, T-VOCE, and the String Theory Charter School chorus. 

Thank you for bringing the spirit
Complimentary refreshments were provided by Parc, the Rittenhouse Hotel and Scarpetta. And of course, there will be an appearance by Santa Claus, here with the new president of Rittenhouse Square friends and Kate Bilo, CBSPhilly weather.
Folks weren’t dressed up like Eskimos cause it was about 50f out, but they did look festive
The Philly Pops were on hand…
Eberlein Design’s Barbara Eberlein and Lindsay Bedford with friends were in the crowd to see the tree lighting.
Wayne and Cheryl Lee were on hand. Both retired police officers, she’s now working for a non profit and he’s just enjoying life. Periodically over the last decade I would see them out and about, always so kind. Last time I saw them was 2 years ago, during the pandemic when we were both watching Hustle film it’s first scenes on Market Street.
A longtime Chit Chat reader, and subject of my photography. The new mom (c) tells me she still lives in the area, but instead of popping bottles, she’s warming them for her daughter.
Family Time
Ladies Night
Hey College Must Be In Session, these folks are back hustling for a charity buck…thankfully they only asked me to take a photo. It’s so hard to tell these nice folks I’d rather donate directly.
Grab your cameras, or your phones and head to Rittenhouse Square for the most festive of lights. Plus rarity the leaves haven’t completely fallen from the Maple Trees and make for a pretty sight.
Have yourself a very Merry, and stop by for the lighting of the Menorah on December 21.