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Spotted: Meek Mill, Taylor Swift & a Bunch of Swifties including Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman

Taylor Swift flew into Philly with parents and new boyfriend Matt Healy, via private jet on Friday landing around 1 PM, headed straight to the stadium for Soundcheck and then stayed for the concert.

That evening my niece sent me this photo, told me she couldn’t get a last minute tickets, which even if she could she’d no way pay $1ks LOL. I was curious about the sound and asked her to send me a video. Now this scenarios is not unusual as I have often seen parents wait for their kids outside of stadiums, what was amazing is the sound quality. You could clearly hear Swift’s voice. The video went viral after I put it on IG, Twitter and FB.

The rest was history. Look at Saturday night. AMAZING!! The next sold out concerts at the Linc, Ed Sherran June 3, then Beyonce July 12

Friday, er early Saturday, Taylor checked into the Ritz Carlton around 2 AM. Thank you to my anonymous reader for sending this photo to me, after I told him she’d check in after the concert. He told me there were only 4 of them there, but Taylor didn’t acknowledge them. In 2015 she stayed there as well, and we had the same result.

S0 many celebrities came to watch Taylor perform in Philly. The first night Blake Lively and her kids were in the audience, Taylor gave them a shout out. Blake sans Ryan, hung out in a VIP tent with Swift’s new beau Matt Healy, The 1975. They’d be friends for a few years, and took it to the next level recently.

Saturday at her concert was Gigi Haddad , Lena Dunham, Antoine from queer eye. (Thanks to my anonymous reader who sent me this photo)

After the concert, Taylor received a police escort with a police motorcycle leading her car, to the Four seasons where she had dinner at Jean George’s I’m told.

They must’ve kept the restaurant opened for her as it stops serving food around midnight . I asked the restaurant for a comment, but they did not get back to me. Back in 2015, she had a similar police escort to Ralph’s Restaurant in South Philly. That evening she arrive

d at midnight as well and the restaurant stayed open for her as well.

She returned to the Ritz Carlton at about 2:30am in a silver SUV, with just one police car escorting her. There were 6 fans there, but she didn’t acknowledge them. The Swifties who took this photo, tell me she has had this silver SUV at her other tour stops as well. – Meek Mill dined across the street at DelFrisco’s Saturday night.

Sunday she checked out of the hotel around 2 PM and headed to the stadium.

Sunday afternoon. Real Housewife Sonya Morgan and her daughter Quincy had brunch at White Dog in University City. Former Gov Andrew Cuomo shopped at the cute home store 1600 Spruce Street.

The VIP guests Sunday night were Busy Philips, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban. After the show, she flew back to New York City via private chat. What a thrilling weekend. Plus fun to see so many people in town, for Penn’s graduation as well as for the concert. A great boast to our economy.

Thank you to my readers and tipsters. I have a lot of content and video on my Instagram as well.