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Rair Philly Celebrates 10 Years of Trash Art

On November 8, RAIR (Recycled Artist In Residency) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its signature annual event – Trash Bash, last night at the beautiful Atelier FAS in North Philly. RAIR a unique, non-profit arts organization uniquely situated within a construction and demolition recycling center in Northeast Philadelphia.
Ginger Rudolph, Sara McCorriston and Billy DuFala, co-founder of the Recycled Artist in Residency (RAIR) program in Philadelphia, which aims to raise awareness of sustainability through the creative reuse of materials. Dufala describes his work as an investigation of human beings and their relationships with themselves and others.
Sarah M, Judy Wicks, author/activist , Christopher Plant, KISMET COWORK, RADIOKISMET, and Jermaine Jenkins, Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships at AIA Philadelphia, board member of PMA’s Collab Philly. Their annual event is happening Novermber 18, this year’s Design Excellence Award honoring American designer Stephen Burks
Samantha Wichen and Fern Gookin, Director of Sustainability, Revolution Recovery, and co-founder of Rair Philly, who’s mission is to continue challenging the perception of waste culture.

The whole concept of this creative organization is very unique and the work created is definitely one of a kind. An eclectic crowd gathered at this annual event, from business executives – Michael Newmius and Kevin Lessard, creatives Sarah H Gamble , philanthropists, politicians including Sen Shariff Street, entrepreneurs Lindsey Scannapieco,

Alexis Tuttleman and Max Tuttleman, Husband, Father, Philadelphian, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist.
Rachel Zimmerman, Founding Artistic and Executive Director of InLiquid, Co-Chair Philadelphia chapter of ArtTable, Board Member of GPCA (Save the date March 9 for InLiquid’s annual fundraiser- InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor) and John Wind, founder and chief designer of Maximal Art, wearing a Andy Warhol inspired Campbell soup sweater from Joan Shepp. You can find his jewelry at the iconic fashion store on Chestnut Street as well.
Blair M was happy to support Rair as well as to connect with old friends. Tony Diaz loves the unconventional items which are given a new purpose.
Salt Design Studio = Angela Fleagle, Rian Herilla, Sara Pevaroff Schuler, Le Xu, Olivia Boon and Katrina Rogus
Jason Kim, Ellen Houle, Leanne Weiner, Emilly Rollet, Kiet Tran, and Jon Wybar is the co-founder and owner of Revolution Recovery (the incredible company who created the material that built the temporary bridge on 95 which collapsed earlier this year, it makes sense he’s connected with a recyling art organization)
Reny Beloff, Kristin Katz, Yameen Allworld and Liza Tedeschi, board member RAIR (Recycled Artist In Residency) is a non-profit arts organization uniquely situated within a construction and demolition recycling center in Northeast Philadelphia.
The RAIR workspace includes a large project space, wood shop equipment, metalworking facilities, access to the waste stream for materials, and a material storage area. Artists-in-residence receive attentive support from RAIR’s staff who act as liaisons between the artist and the recycling facility. In addition to providing artists on-site access to recovered materials, construction equipment, and a fully-equipped studio space, RAIR’s residency program offers artists the opportunity to use the entire 3.5-acre facility as an expansive project space for the development and presentation of ambitious experimental work.