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8th Annual Philadelphia Fund Alliance

The Philadelphia Fund Alliance (PFA), a group of Philadelphia-based asset management industry professionals, celebrated their annual fundraising gala on November 2 at Rittenhouse Hotel, benefiting PhillySafe seeks to make place-based investments with proven crime deterrent solutions (street cleaning, greening, lighting and resident-owned home security systems) in dis-invested neighborhoods.

Since its inception in 2016, PFA has raised over $700,000 for Greater Philadelphia area charities.

Susan Buckley, and Bruce G. Leto Co-Chair, Investment Management Stradley Ronon

The annual fundraiser not only supports a great cause,

but also highlights Philadelphia’s deep roots and influence in national financial markets and services, including traditional mutual funds and alternative asset vehicles.

Through our annual event, we will raise money for a local charity and, as an ancillary benefit, we will raise awareness about our collective accomplishments and milestones in the asset management industry.

Jim Mahoney, Tait, Weller & Baker, Mary Ellen Mahoney, with Donna and Jim Shaw
Roger Pereira, Carly Winter, Caitlin Cohen, and Thomas Matousch, AWM Trust Solutions at PwC

Matt Ramano, Justin Dutka, Josh Sohmer, Chuck Nevin, Brian Cassidy, and Reese Blair
Kate Williams, and John Falco
Morgan Klinzing, Sunny Patel, and Meghan McGettigan
John Alshefski, Senior Vice President – Investment Manager Services at SEI Investments, Tom McCarthy, and Bruce Leto, Co-Chair, Investment Management at Stradley Ronon
Maria Palmer, Nancy Cloran, Maggie Malloy BackRow- Tara Reilly, Kim Togno, Lori Wayne
Lauren Engel, Kyle Whiteman, Dan Conroy, and Brian London

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