Sunday Drive

It really was Monday, but it felt like Sunday. I saw a lot of nature, which is exactly what I like to see on my drives.

Near Lancaster, Pa
And Amish people. I try to capture them without them noticing me, but they must know how attractive their simple, quiet, hardworking life is to us folks always running. (OK not too busy these days.)
While my business is on pause, I might go back to creating cards of my nature shots. I used to do this hobby for a few years before I became PhillyChitChat.
Gray Catbird
A raccoon during the day is to be avoided. He was at least 300 yards away when I took this with a long lens.
Groundhogs are often seen out in the day.
Sometimes I find back roads that have treasures on them.
and beautiful scenery

Thanks Mike for driving. Plus thanks to my cousin Deb & Dave for the hospitality on Sunday with social distancing on the porch, and my sister Marg and bro in law Frank for social distancing on the patio yesterday. It was a great weekend.


Stolen Souls: Or My Day Photographing Things in Lancaster County

The Tim’s, Mike and I headed out to Lancaster
on a Sunday
to see the beauty of the countryside
and we weren’t disappointed
I love shooting the Amish in the most polite way possible. I think my fascination with them is the simple way of life I sometimes wish I could live, but I would be bored to death. Who am I kidding.
They’re friendly and always give a wave, mostly to each other but this kid waved to me. A few minutes after this the guy behind me tried to pass us both nearly running the buggy off the road. So seriously people don’t visit or move to Lancaster County if you don’t have patience. It was a NJ license plate and I wanted to throttle him.
Instead I continued my way to Starsburg to ride the rails. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. So much fun riding a train through the farm fields.
You might even get a chance to have Thomas the Train be your engineer.
The Tims. They just celebrated 7 years.
I love flags. Although this one shouldn’t be touching the ground.
So cool I caught the Amish kids in a swimming hole. I didn’t have my long lens, but their black pants and white shirts were all piled on the side. Until next time.