Sunday Drive

It really was Monday, but it felt like Sunday. I saw a lot of nature, which is exactly what I like to see on my drives.

Near Lancaster, Pa
And Amish people. I try to capture them without them noticing me, but they must know how attractive their simple, quiet, hardworking life is to us folks always running. (OK not too busy these days.)
While my business is on pause, I might go back to creating cards of my nature shots. I used to do this hobby for a few years before I became PhillyChitChat.
Gray Catbird
A raccoon during the day is to be avoided. He was at least 300 yards away when I took this with a long lens.
Groundhogs are often seen out in the day.
Sometimes I find back roads that have treasures on them.
and beautiful scenery

Thanks Mike for driving. Plus thanks to my cousin Deb & Dave for the hospitality on Sunday with social distancing on the porch, and my sister Marg and bro in law Frank for social distancing on the patio yesterday. It was a great weekend.


The Florida Keys are for the Birds

Last week I traveled to Florida to visit Mom, and birds. When not photographing people I enjoy wandering around observing and photographing wildlife and nature. It’s peaceful, and quite beautiful. When I go to Florida to visit mom, who lives in the Keys, I make it a point to fly into Ft Lauderdale, or Miami International, the latter is a crazy large airport but in recent years has made it more simpler to navigate. So if you haven’t been there in a while, it’s gotten better, even I was able to go from Rental Car drop off to gate in under an hour. Also did you know if you’re a big guy like me, you can order a seat belt extender from Amazon.com so you can save embarrassment asking a flight attendant when you board.

One of my favorite National Parks in the Florida Everglades, it’s about an hour from Miami. If you’re renting a car, take their option for the “Sun Pass” as Easy Pass doesn’t work on their highways and there are not toll booths. It’s not that expensive about $4 a day, with tolls, which seem to be only $.80 cents every 10 miles or so. If you’re in a hurry you can go to the first nature stop in the Everyglades, Royal Palm. They have a boardwalk that travels around a body of water and you’re guaranteed to see alligators in nature, birds, turtles and get plenty of enjoyment, especially making memories with the kids.

This Anhinga, sometimes called snakebird, darter, American darter, or water turkey successfully swallowed this whole fish.

We were so excited to see a Manatee or Sea Cow. In all the years I’ve visited my mom I never saw one in the Keys. We were so ecstatic.
I kinda like this bike as a trellis instead
The Bahia Honda Rail Bridge is a derelict railroad bridge in the lower Florida Keys connecting Bahia Honda Key with Spanish Harbor Key. Great spot for swimming, or a picnic.

The sunset in the keys is a happening. Everyone stops what they’re doing, and they go to a clearing to watch it, even on cloudy days. Then they cheer at the conclusion of a day well spent.

A stop by No Name Bar, on No Name Key for a bite to eat is always fun, everything served is under a dollar, get it?
Had the best week visiting Mom with Mike
PHS Flower Show Saturday Night Dance Party is in 2 weeks 3/2/19