Biden Harris


The Best Bernie Sanders Presidential Inauguration Philly Memes

Oh Bernie, what a good sport. Wednesday Bernie Sanders Memes took over the world, and yesterday Philly got in the meme. He joined Carrie Minelli, Kory Aversa and I at the Love for dinner last night. Thanks to my hubby Mike Toub for inviting Bernie to dinner.

Ralph’s Italian Restaurant


Here’s what Bernie Sanders thought, and where he got his mittens from; they weren’t your ordinary wool mittens, of course.

You came, you saw, now get the shirt


Philly Awaits Election Results – Dance Party USA

Sorry I have been AWOL from PhillyChitChat blog, but I have been very active on Social Media, covering what’s happening in Philly regarding the counting of the votes, where to eat and especially what a beautiful autumn week we had, and will be having. Tonight I’m going to share some photos I’ve taken over the past 24hrs as Philadelphian’s, Democratic and Republican, away the counting of the mail in ballots. It was crowded, but not unfriendly.

Gritty’s where there, in fact a video I took of the Gritty’s dancing went very viral and has over 600ks views now. I wish I had attached to it a message like donate to cure cancer or house the homeless.

Hey Gritadelphia 0n the far right!! We follow each other on Instagram but have never met. In fact I never knew what he looked like.

2nd Amendment Rights!!

This is what Democracy Looks Like !!! Thank you to everyone who got out the vote, went out and voted and dropped their ballot in the voting box. FINALLY I hope everyone sees that their VOTE DOES COUNT!!