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Another Chance to See Beyond Van Gogh

I don’t know about you, but I did miss Beyond Van Gogh when it was in the Philadelphia area. I was busy, I wasn’t 100 percent sure what the exhibit was about, and when things were right for me to see it, it was sold out.

We’re in luck. It’s landed in Atlantic City at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City which debuted the “Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” exhibit last week. The exhibit uses over 300 Van Gogh’s works by reproducing them digitally and projecting them onto screens, walls and floors.

The 30,000-square-foot exhibit, comprised of more than 4 trillion content pixels, begins with the introduction hall, where visitors learn about the artist through narratives, and his own written words to his brother, Theo. But before you enter the exhibit, make sure you take a photo at the Starry Night pop up.

In the main exhibit room there are benches for you to enjoy the changing art work, or you can stand to enjoy the 360 degree view.

Marc Berman, Cindy Fertsch, Susan Berman and Krystle J Bailey, Shore Local Newsmagazine

Since this was the opening night, the Hard Rock hosted a VIP/Media party for friends, family and supporters to enjoy before they had a chance to see Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Jean Burber, Larry Soklove and Michelle Tomko
Michael Ruble and Jennifer Smith
Anthony Faranca, GM Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City welcomes the guests to the preview night Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Experie

Prices start at $39.99 for adults and $23.99 for children (ages 5-15), plus ticketing fees. Tickets are on sale now at www.vangoghatlanticcity.com


This & That: Babies, Bradley Cooper Spotted, Comet NEOWISE

Fireworks over Fairmount 7/11/20

I have to confess Social Media – Instagram, InstaStories, Facebook and Twitter have taken over as my preferred sharing of info, as it has for so many bloggers. It’s easier to do, much faster to get the word out, share news in real time, recommendations, what’s happening in my life and lately movie reviews. A lot of stuff I used to publish on PhillyChitChat blog before Social Media came about. So when it came to writing my blog since the pandemic began, a lot of what I was to say was already said in social media and I got in a rut about what I should publish.

Twisted Tail has a cute little outdoor dining spot at 509 S. 2nd

Every week I receive messages from you, my blog readers, wondering when I am going to publish again. I’m going to recommit to you, again. I know I keep saying that, but I love my blog and perhaps I’ll save good material here as well. I know the one thing that irritates me about Philly Inquirer is reading so many articles online, before I get the actual paper. Why don’t they publish the stories after the Sunday paper comes out. For some reason my subscription is less expensive if I get the Sunday paper and digital. In reality I really only want online. Anyway…

Flannel 1819 E Passyunk Ave

I am also going to start publishing parties I’ve published years ago. Everyone seemed to like my 13 anniversary party post. I love visiting the old photos as well. WOW 13 years chronicling Philly. It went by quick. I realized over the weekend many folks would tell me they don’t see their photos when they appear in Philly Mag, as the photos aren’t online. My contract with them has a 3 month exclusive clause. Meaning the photos can’t appear elsewhere for 3 months. Rarely do I publish them after 3 months as I used to be too busy to do so, and equally rarely do I send or sell my photos. I never wanted to be in that business. Al For, Andre Flewellen and Susan Scovill do a great job with selling their photos of you. You should always support them, and not just screen shot their published photos of you. I like being the media photographer, creating columns for various media outlets.

Don’t feel like cooking this weekend. Let Feast Your Eyes Catering do the cooking for you! Check out the delicious menu and additions.
Feast Well Foods

The former Aramark building at 1101 Market Street is now the Jefferson Center with a brand new entrance. Looks amazing. I used to work in the building during the 90s and the entrance always looked so drab. The lobby on the other hand was amazing, with a beautiful fountain.

A couple times a week I’m going to run This & That columns. It used to be called HughE Around Town, but during the pandemic I don’t run around town as much anymore. I do see lots of fun news, tidbits online as well as readers send me tips. I like these columns. They remind me of the beginning of PhillyChitChat 13 years ago. There wasn’t much happening in Philly then as far as events, but there was always something to gossip about at work. Back then I was still a paralegal, and of course I was always curious about what was happening in town. I was always bringing the news back to work where we would chitchat about it for hours. I realized others might be interested in this Philly Chit Chat as well.

The Unicorn Grand-mom Maureen Sweeney, who picked up this cute costume to hug her grandsons last month which I filmed, made an appearance on Kelly & Ryan on July 3. Check out the clip here. I can’t wait til they return to the studio, they’re so blah from home.

Happy One Month Old to Zoey Amour Long beautiful daughter of Brittney Shipp, NBC10 Meteorologist and Jontue Long, financial advisor

Bradley Cooper waves to the crowd at the Prince Theater on Sept. 12, 2018

I had two Bradley Cooper sightings in our area last weekend. One in Ocean City, where he’s been spotted before, and one in Longport, perhaps grabbing take out from Cookie’s & Steve’s another favorite spot of his. Cooper’s mom Gloria, has a home in Brigantine according to the Inquirer, although don’t camp out there this summer as it’s been reported the Hollywood heartthrob is renting in Fairfield Connecticut this summer. Bradley Cooper was recently spotted with another man about town, Leonardo DiCaprio on a boat cruising Long Island Sound in June.

Philadelphia looked to the sky last year when a total lunar eclipse occurred on January 21, 2019. For the rest of July we should be looking skyward again as the newly discovered comet Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) which has been putting on a grand show at dawn this past week. It’s very far to the north on the sky’s dome, becoming visible now (with optical aid) to observers in the northern U.S. and Canada in the early evening skies as well. Writers for Space.com said the best evening viewing will occur about 80 minutes after sunset in the July 14 to July 19 time frame. By July 19, the comet will appear about 20 degrees from the horizon and will be in the northwest horizon. Check out more info HERE. Philly don’t let me down, start posting those photos. #phillyneowise