Grooming Messenger, a New Skincare and Grooming Service Launches in Philly

Grooming Messenger, a new skincare and grooming service founded by  Ian Michael Crumm, lifestyle expert and founder of his eponymous lifestyle blog and Wear We Went, and Lo McGrath, a journalist, skincare junkie and fashion photographer specializing in menswear, held a launch party for the new site at Rittenhouse Spa in the Rittenhouse Hotel in Center City.

I love this amazing step and repeat made up of live branches of leaves

HD1_0251 (Small)

Ian Michael Crumm with equally stylish mom, Angie Hartman at The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque.
With Brian Sanchez who help created the living step and repeat.


Laurenne Babayan and Nick Berlage


Alisa Frederico,  Style Director at Dressing Jane Philadelphia and Frank Frederico


Guests enjoyed grooming during the party, manicures, massages and face masks.


Danielle Bonds, Marrina Mayo and Alyssa Jones

HD1_0230 (Custom)
Ian Michael Crumm, co-founder of Grooming Messenger with Mason Kesner, Life & Style Blogger and Baseline Collective
who created the platform for the Grooming Messenger.


Craig von Arthur Schroeder, Commonwealth Proper, Lauren McGrath, co-founder of the Grooming Messenger and Toni Renee Leslie, of Realm jeweler.


HD1_0181 (Custom)

Jared Adkins and Chandra Robbins of Bluebird Distilling


Lifestyle bloggers Alex Nelson and Mike Rubino flank Connor Reider.

Alex and Mike applied masks for guests.

Scenester Alexander Hankin and friends

HD1_0222 (Custom)

Ian and Lo welcome the guests to the launch, and then introduced Local Honey


Eric Visnov, Hannah Krupa, Scott Tattar and Brendon Keenan make up the local band “Local Honey”
Book them for your next gig, they were very entertaining.

Get the latest tips for your grooming from
the Grooming Messenger,



Reality: Aviva Drescher in Philly; Ed Sheeran with Fans & July 4th Fashionable Peeps

This Would Have Been Great TV if filmed for the Real Housewives of New York:

You might have read in Molly Eichel’s column and AD Amorosi’s column about the reality show star who came to town and wreaked havoc. What happened was Avida Drescher and family wanted to come to Philly to experience July 4th in our fair City. She had her publicist call ahead of time to see what they could see, where they should go, eat etc.

Their publicist Matt Dillon did exactly what a publicist is supposed to do, create a great experience for the least about of headaches; except he over committed and disappointed a few PR people by canceling at the last minute for at least three visits to prearranged places. And this was July 4th weekend so many of the people they were to meet had been on vacation and changed their plans.

Reid Drescher and Aviva Drescher are seen leaving Treemont restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

I knew they were coming to town as a PR person tipped me off and I rearranged my weekend to get a shot of them at a high end spa on Sunday. Why did I do it, I love what I do, I love journaling it and I love sharing it. It’s what I do, but I was sad they weren’t going to the spa or making cheesesteaks with an owner.

I do understand they have kids and kids are driving the bus. After a day at Sesame Place on Saturday, the kids were pretty wiped out, and two events the Drescher’s canceled were booked for Sunday. They also canceled one on Thursday.

Sunday I got a call from The Dreschers to meet them
at the Monaco Hotel, where they stayed for the weekend. (I asked them to pose outside.)

I met Reid, Aviva, and children Hudson, and Sienna in the lobby where they were
playing with the items in the Kidz Corner.  Friday they went to the historic sites, and then had dinner at
Pizzaria Stella near South Street (They told me the area reminded them of
Brooklyn.) Afterwards they went to the Franklin Fountain in Old City. Saturday
they went to Sesame Place. That evening Aviva made an appearance an appearance at
ICandy to the delight of her gay fans who posted lots of pixs on Instagram (that appearance happened when Matt ran into someone at Treemont who took him on a tour of Philly Gay Bars and he was able to book an appearance there. Pretty darn  lucrative.)  Sunday it was breakfast at Red Owl
Tavern at Hotel Monaco. Aviva told me she enjoyed doing the Real Housewives
series, even with all its drama because it’s allowed her a greater reach in
helping others through her philanthropic work as the
National Spokesperson for One Step Ahead and other organizations helping


Ed Sheeran performs a private concert at Q102

Ginger’s rule

This fan came all the way from Texas to meet Ed Sheeran. She won a radio contest call in at Q102, as did everyone in the audience. Ed just took a selfie and a selfie with the audience with her phone. Later he and Q102 retweeted it.
Fans who didn’t win the radio contest, but waited outside for a chance to meet Ed Sheeran. Usually when the crowd is this large a celeb will go out a side door, and he did.
Rocco from Q102. Did you know he co-owns the healthy Fuel eateries around town?

Ed Sheeran fans who got an autographed photo, and a photo with Ed, which can be found on the Q102 website.

I shot Nicki Minaj leaving the Ritz-Hotel. She was make-up free, friendly and sexy

The shots appeared in PhillyMag, Molly Eichel’s Philly Gossip, The UK Daily Mail and several other outlets.

 Ran all the way from the Ritz to the Four Season and nearly beat Nicki Minaj who drove.

 Waiting for the celebs at the Four Seasons

David Henry getting ready to go on the air for 6ABC

Christina and Christopher in the media section at Jam on the Parkway

 Moon Man

 Thanks for your support of PhillyChitChat


Teen Philadelphia 2014 Carlye Zeringue and Miss
Philadelphia 2014 Diamond Edmonds

year I see this family set up their tent in front of my apartment building.
This year
they went all out and brought serious seating to watch the concert on the TV,
then peek out from the tent to watch the fireworks which are shot off across
the street.

My girls at our July 4th Party: Allison Smith, Stacey Kracher, Christie Honigman and Kristin Detterline

YOLO – This is why I moved to the Philadelphian!!


Philly Fourth of July Instagram Pictures 2014 – And PCC 7th Anniversary Note!

Happy 7 year anniversary to my blog, PhillyChitChat. Boy have things changed. I started PCC to write about tidbits, charity events and celebrities that came to town. I had a full time job as a Paralegal, a P/T job as a celebrity photographer in NYC and still wanted something to do on the side that reflected what was going on in Philly. Thanks to my buddy Simon Curtis who coined PhillyChitChat on 7/4/07, as he and his wife visited Mike and I in Philly. Simon and I had become friends while shooting celebs in NYC. I had a blog devoted to that subject “Confessions of a Paparazzi”, but that title wasn’t descriptive enough for what I wanted to do in Philly as there were very little celebrities here. PhillyChitChat was perfect to cover all the topics I wanted to – people, events, random tidbits like what another bank on a corner property and celebrities that made their way through town.

And here we are today: I do this as a full time gig, I contribute to PhillyMag, Philly.com, Philly Daily News, NBC Philadelphia and appear on Fox 29’s morning show (In the fall I’ll be appearing weekly chatting about all the parties I attend not just the celebrity events.) I have an amazing outlet where I mini blog Twitter – 

– it’s like my Lifestyle Blog on Philly, I tell you what’s hot, and what’s happening. I tweet entirely too much. I cover the subjects I used to cover on PCC. Then there’s Instagram – another great lifestyle, fashion blog outlet. So fun – follow me http://instagram.com/phillychitchat Then there’s you, my very loyal readers here, and everywhere. Thank you so much for your support; your kind words when I meet you and your feedback. Thanks HughE PS As usual this was a stream of consciousness, having never taken a journalistic class it’s the only way I know how to write. Thanks to my editors that make me seem so professional.

 Hoda spent her weekend in Rehobeth. She also had a book signing. I see she has a few fillings too. Good for her. I feel connected. (PS I have to have an tooth implant. How painful is that besides to the wallet?)
 Alexander Hankin styling it in Minnesota

 Justin Pizzi, Marisa Magnatta, Nicole Michalik, Adam Joseph, and
Joe McCollum who then hit up Bey & Jay the next night.

 Miss Philadelphia – Diamond Edmonds with GoGo Morrow
 Rapper Ryan Banks on the Parkway with his baby girl
 Jennifer Hudson in Philly
 Stacey Kracher at our annual party (taken by Christie Honigman)

 Fireworks from the Schuylkill River Park
 Kendra is now in Hotlanta and still looking hot.


 Happy Birthday Joan. He and Matt were at our party too.
 Zach Lashway was in NYC for the Fourth
Philly’s DJ Aktive working the tables for JHud
 I prefer chocolate jimmies
 Fireworks from the right side of the parkway

 Kate, Michelle and Rachel

 Earlier in the day Amber sent a message to all her FB friends, don’t be alone on July 4th. Come to the party. It was nice. So often we are alone when people think we’re busy.

 Sabir Peele rocking his cell phone board shorts on the beach
 amazing shot from condo’s along the Schuylkill from Susan Pincus
Love this shot from Al Lee – Mr. Philadelphia
 Wawa was a genius with their marketing, I saw everyone with this hat on.
Aviva Drescher from the Real Housewives of NYC was in town. I kept tabs on her, but unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of her in this awesome outfit. Here she is with her publicist Matt Dillon (no relation to me)