Shops in Philadelphia


Rittenhouse Row Reopens

Hello it’s Thursday and gloomy, but the news I’m writing about showcases a bright future for Center City. I’m happy to report that Rittenhouse Row is ready for for your return. So many stores are open now, restaurants are open, the oppressive summer heatwave has subsided and the streets and park are clean and inviting. Some of our favorite stores have closed, a few closed because of the riot, but the majority were affected by the pandemic. Some did close before the pandemic like Intermix, I know a lot of people are sad about that store. A few new stores opened after the pandemic. I will do a comprehensive post next week after the ribbon cutting for the reopening of Boyd’s and Joan Shepp.

After weeks of cleaning Mac Cosmetic store at 18th and Chestnut Streets will be re opening tomorrow. M-S 11-7; Sunday 12-6 (It’s not reflected on their website or Instagram, but the managers have reached out to me to give me the good news) . Nearby Sephora re opened last month at 1714 Chestnut St. Unfortunately superstore Ulta Beauty has closed for good on Walnut Street, but they have a nice store in the Fashion District on Market Street.

More good news, Butcher & Singer has opened at 15th and Walnut Streets. Now what’s going with Alma de Cuba down the street as it’s still closed?
Welcome back Swarovski, 1421 Walnut St, and Pandora at 1613 Walnut St. Tiffany’s Jewellery is opened across the street, and will be moving into their new space in late fall in the space which was Zara’s at 1715 Walnut.
LAGOS Jewelry on 1735 Walnut St is has re opened and Janice Waitkus and associates are excited to welcome you back.

Tumi looks to be opening soon as they have re stocked their store.

Nearby H&M on Walnut St. is still closed but they’ve finally painted their boards black after lots of my online complaining. Rumor has it that either this H&M or the one at 16th & Chestnut might close as they feel they’re competing with each other. Plus they’ve just opened a beautiful new store in the Fashion District.
Two weeks ago I reported the Wells Fargo bank on Walnut closed for good. Sadly the buildings at 1706 – 1712 Walnut St have been condemned as unsafe by L&I after the fire set on May 30. The wall and roof of the buildings have collapsed and their are notices on the building. It’ll be interesting to see what will happen with these four buildings.

Opened and waiting for you. Blue Sole Shoes

Kids Foot Locker has opened at 1510 Chestnut Street, but across the street Foot Locker has closed for good the store clerks have told me.
Stuart Weitzman 1711 Walnut St has closed, and as I reported weeks ago Allbirds is now open.

Center City is getting back to business, and is looking forward to seeing you. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news these past few months, but I want you to know that things really are looking good and opening up. I feel that it’s safe to come into the City, but of course always be aware of your surroundings. Be extra careful after dark, a lot of stores seem to close by 8pm and foot traffic is lighter at that time. The restaurant areas are packed, and when possible park as close to them, take an Uber or a cab, again it’s just because a lot of folks are still working remotely so there’s not a lot of foot traffic after dark. Wear your mask, if you can eat out, try and tip at least 25%. When a server comes to your table if you remember wear your mask, protect both of you. Be considerate, and kind. We’re all stressed out in this unprecedented time. See you social. Twitter and Instagram. Stay in touch with what’s going on on Rittenhouse Row here.


Walnut Street: Ulta Beauty Closes, Madewell, Warby Parker and others Re-Open,

Monday I woke up late, as usual in my new normal, but instead of hanging out on the computer I decided to go for a walk. It was one of those walks I take through Center City to see how the City is re opening as well which business have closed during the pandemic. I’m happy to report that folks have returned to the streets to shop, to see friends, to exercise.

I’m happy to report that in my latest walk around the City, more than half, no almost 2/3rds of the folks I saw out and out were wearing masks!! Definitely much more than I had seen earlier in the summer. Good job!! And it’s amazing how much the street changes from day to day with openings, and closings. Which is where we will start.
I don’t like to start off with a business who has closed because of the pandemic, but I began my walk up Walnut from Midtown Village. I reported that Hats in the Belfry closed on Chestnut Street a few weeks ago, so I was curious about Goorin Bros. Sadly they’re permanently closed as well. A Covid casualty. But across the street Williams Sonoma was open.
The Verizon Store always has a line with helpful clerks in the que. Across the Street AT&T, and TMobile are open as well.

Welcome Back Ubiq (I can’t wait for the next limited edition sneaker) and Warby Parker, both now open.

To get into the Apple Store (1607 Walnut St) you’ll need an appointment as well as to shop at the new store on Rittenhouse Row, Interior Define. (Formerly Thomas Moser furnishing. Remember when I got the tip they closed last year, and then they wrote me to tell me they weren’t closed, and then they closed a few days later. Annoying.) It was just the wrong fit for Walnut St. We have a CB2, which is also open by appointment. Pandora Jewelry store is also re opened.
As of last week Madewell (1716 Walnut St) was still closed (I called their headquarters in July, and they couldn’t tell me of the status whether it would open or not.), and I noticed Indochino had moved from Chestnut St to Walnut St and is now located where Intermix was. Intermix closed before the Pandemic. (Note that Madewell’s boards are painted black, you can thank Center City District for painting the stores who are still closed and boarded.)

BUT Yesterday I was like an excited kid when I saw that it was finally re opened!! It’s perfect to have Madewell (women’s wear) and Indochino (menswear) next to each other.

Across the street Loft is open, but H&M is still closed. Every day I walk by the doors are exposed like this, but the sign on the door still says closed, and when I peer in the store is restocked, but with summer clothing. We’re now headed into fall. Note H&M’s boards are not painted. Very annoying too.
One store I heard several rumors about closing was Ulta Beauty on Walnut Street. It was one of the last stores on Walnut Street to remove their boards (which had been painted black as well). I noticed over the past few weeks they removed their promo posters and replaced them with a signs that say “We’re Closed”, and are directing people to the Fashion District as well as a store on Delaware Ave. I wrote 8/19 I had a feeling this was going to close.
Monday I walked by and noticed the letters above the door have been removed.

I wish I had a better photo, I should have crossed the street. As you can see on the left photo, which I took last Thursday, the sign is still up and projects from the wall. The photo on the right has the letters removed. Signs directing customers to the other locations are in the window. I don’t think Ulta Beauty closed because of the pandemic, it was always rumored they would move once the Fashion District opened, but that’s just my gut feeling, as is most of my reporting. See you on Social Media. Remember your umbrella today.