The Coventry Deli Closes Because of Coronavirus Pandemic

Before there was Corner Bakery, Naf Naf Grill, Nooks Bakery, Mama’s Vegetarian, Wawa, or any number of eateries on Market above Broad Street there was The Coventry Deli. Located at 2000 Market Street. David Rovner said the pandemic killed his business. I was lunching there today with my friend Michael, and we were reminiscing about all the times we had eaten there especially while working at our first jobs in Philly,

David Rovner says they are closing on Friday after 26 years in business. I asked him what happened and he said they just couldn’t make it work because everyone is working from home these days. When a customer heard Dave and I talk about the closing she ask was it true, would it be forever. Dave said it might be, but he doesn’t want to rule out anything in the future; right now he plans to be back in 2021. Hopefully in January but it depends on on the virus and restrictions; would people come back to the office or would they work from home permanently? Let’s cross our fingers that this will happen. Here’s what is special about the iconic deli.

The Coventry Deli has been the premiere Mom & Pop Deli in the city for 26 years! Open Monday thru Friday from 6 am – 3 pm, The Coventry Deli is a center city staple for breakfast or lunch, as well as take out and catering. Their slogan of “If we don’t have it, you shouldn’t eat it.”
All of their food is made from scratch onsite, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Every order is made to order, and is made fresh before your eyes. The lines were long, but the wait was worth it.

Everyone went to The Coventry Deli from executives, to secretaries to people who worked in the file room like I did at my first job. I have so many memories going there, I always got the tuna salad with tomato’s or the BLT, which I had today.

Besides a great place to dine, The Conventry Deli catered many of the business meetings and lunches for the tenants in nearby buildings. No doubt the missing office workers hurt his business. Have you had their pickles?

If you’re downtown in the next two days, stop by The Conventry Deli and thank Dave for all the years of delicious breakfasts and lunches. Cross your fingers that next year people will return, and maybe he will too.