Harry Styles and Xander Ritz Timeline

Readers always ask me how did Harry Styles and Xander Ritz meet. Rumor has it they met through Harry’s agent Jeff Azoff, in NYC in 2015 (Xander and his brother Maxwell Ritz own a company > The Loyalist together in Brooklyn). Harry pops in a couple times a year to visit the Ritz’s who live just outside Philly, on the Mainline in Wayne, Pa. Thanks to my readers for tipping me off to Harry and Xander visiting his family last weekend. I couldn’t find anything concrete but the tips and sightings flowed in and I figured it had to be true. But we all know Harry visits often.

After meeting in 2015, singer Harry Styles and Xander Ritz, from Wayne, Pa became in separable. Often Xander can be spotted in the wings at Harry’s concerts including both Today show performances in 2017 and last Friday (Harry wore a pink jacket for both Today Show Concerts), or walking a few feet behind him when paparazzi are sighted.

Over the years I’ve written about them as Harry often pops into Philly to see Xander, and Xander’s family who live in Wayne, Pa. His father is a popular dentist that many of my readers go to. His mother Anne sadly passed away last summer. Harry attended the memorial.

Max and his wife, along with Xander attended SNL last fall when Harry hosted.

Harry’s close with the Xander Ritz’s family.

So last week Harry and Xander spent the weekend in Wayne with the Ritz’ family. Harry even posed with a few fans when he took a walk with Zander in the neighborhood. Then he, Xander, and manager Tommy went to DC to do an NPR interview on Tuesday, on the way to NYC for the @todayshow appearance he stopped at the Bear, De Wawa and met a very excited Wawa employee @verybvsic Natali Maldonado, who verified to me that Xander was with Harry.

Harry also did a surprise concert for Pandora radio, where he discussed his Wawa experience. The NYPost has a great recap of the discussion, including the push back from the fans when he called Wawa a gas station store, LOL. “It’s a gas station,” he said — but quickly recanted after protests from Wawa-loving fans. “I did have a good sandwich,” Styles offered.

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And now it’s been 5 years for Harry Styles and Xander Ritz. Here’s the first time I wrote about them in 2015.

Have a great day, I’ll see you back here on Monday with more PhillyChitChat!!