Sinking Springs films, Spotted: Ridley Scott, Tara Lipinski and Jason Kelce

Tuesday night @jason.kelce and his very pregnant wife Kylie, dined @mikesolomonov @zahavrestaurant with another couple. When he walked in the servers and diners clapped as he was led to his table. He acknowledged the appreciation, then enjoyed dinner uninterrupted. I wrote on my Instagram last night. (I love when I hear about these heartwarming moments, thanks to a reader) Later I learned …

He did pose with one of his favorite chefs, Michael Solomonov who reminded his readers about Underdogs, Jason’s clothing line, where the proceeds go to the BePhillyFoundation

Oatly Launches Plant-Based Cream Cheese with Philadelphian Tara Lipinski. Oatly, the world’s original and largest oatmilk company, unveiled their new plant-based cream cheese invented in Philadelphia by mostly Philadelphia-based food scientists with Philadelphia native and Olympian Tara Lipinski. As part of this pre-launch release, Oatly has partnered with local Philadelphia bagel chains Spread Bagelry and Philly Bagels, who are now serving Oatly’s Philadelphia-invented cream cheese today through March 31st (or until supplies last). No doubt they launched in Philly because where else, the staple Philadelphia Cream Cheese is so synonymous with our City, but they say it’s “this is the first time Oatly has embarked on a limited pre-launch strategy in one particular city. The hope is that Philadelphians adopt Oatly’s cream cheese the same way they’ve adopted other hometown staples like greased street poles, Gritty and the 2006 film Invincible.

Filming of Sinking Springs continues tonight on 2nd Street in Old City.

I mentioned last year that Ridley Scott would be filming his Apple TV Series “Sinking Springs” in the beginning of February, and he did, turning University City into PhillyWood for a week starting on February 7.

“Sinking Spring” is a crime drama series, that stars Oscar nominee Brian Tyree Henry and “Better Call Saul” star Michael Mando as long-time friends posing as DEA agents and robbing a seemingly normal country house in the small town of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. They unwittingly get caught up in a major crime operation.

The cast also includes Marin Ireland, from Amazon’s “Sneaky Pete” and Netflix’s “Umbrella Academy”; and Kate Mulgrew from Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black.”

I have a busy night tonight, but I am going to try and capture some of the action in Old City tonight. It’s an over night shoot, normally I would scout out a location to spend the night, but I am shooting the Philly Home Show at 8AM so I can’t do that like I did for 21 Bridges hiding, er I mean scouting out from the 2nd floor window of Unite Fitness.

According to the Apple Insider: The most interesting thing about the series so far is its massive budget – the pilot episode alone cost over $50 million. That is almost as much as the budget of the entire first season of Game of Thrones! Season 1 of the HBO hit cost around $50-60 million, which breaks down to $5-6 million per episode. The pilot episode was filmed for two weeks in Bucks County according to Levittown Now, the money was used to rent out an entire town including the police force, fire department. According to World of Reel, that $50 million went on two weeks of shooting. Apple is said to have rented out a whole town, including hiring its police and fire department, and to have blown up a house.

If you capture any photos, send them to us at hughe@phillychitchat.com and we will publish them. I love car chases, and no doubt this one is going to be a fun one. BTW roads are closed in the area, and bus routes are re routed. Check with Septa for Info.

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