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Interesting Program: Susan G. Komen Patient Navigation Program

Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia Seminar on their National Patient Navigation Program To Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes For Underserved Women And Men


Earlier this month Susan G Komen Philadelphia held a seminar on the Navigation Programs they run locally to help underserved women and men in their fight against breast cancer. I love this program, so often when a person goes for treatment, they don’t always know the follow up treatments, maybe they can’t afford the bus, they have other obligations, they’re fearful.

Barriers to quality care
that may lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes
fall into a number of
Financial and economic
Language and cultural
Health care system
Bias based on culture/race/age
/sexual orientation


HD1_9647 (Custom)

Pat Capaldo and Collette Olsen, volunteers of Komen

HD1_9656 (Custom)

Bruno Mandarano, Pfizer, Sidney Grobman, Harold P. Freedman, MD, and Elaine I. Grobman, CEO Komen Philadelphia


Christine Brown and Renee Jordan

HD1_9664 (Custom)
Nora Kamturakes, RN and Joceline Valentine

HD1_9666 (Custom)
Pfizer was the sponsor of the luncheon and provided a boxed lunch for the guests

HD1_9680 (Custom)

Elaine I. Grobman, CEO Komen Philadelphia
One of Komen’s most important priorities is to break through economic or social barriers that prevent many women from accessing quality breast cancer care. With the Navigation Program these women can get
the information they need for their care, and their follow up care which will lengthen their lives.


Harold P. Freeman, MD 
The concept of patient navigation was founded and pioneered by Harold P. Freeman in 1990 for the purpose of eliminating barriers to timely cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care. It has since evolved to include the timely movement of an individual across the entire health care continuum from prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and supportive, to end-of-life care.(source)

Healthcare workers attended the event to hear how the program works, as well as for the guests to discuss how they implement the program with their patients.

In its ongoing effort to reduce breast cancer deaths by ensuring access to timely, quality breast cancer care, Susan G. Komen today announced a new nationwide program, funded by Walgreens and its customers, for patient navigation services that guide women and men through diagnosis and treatment.

A better explanation of the Susan G Komen Navigation Program


Important Dates to Remember:

Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure – Sun May 14 2017



Philly Gossip: Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman & Bryan Cranston Spotted, Malcolm Jenkins, Meek Mills and More

Happy Monday, I know no one is really happy on Monday. I usually publish this on Sunday, but I slept til noon after the Ball Saturday night and well here we are. Check out Philly Mag and Metro today for pixs from the Ball.  Here’s something to put a smile on your face – Philly Gossip Monday: Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman & Bryan Cranston Spotted, Malcolm Jenkins, Meek Mills and More.



Yeah Phillywood has kicked off. Friday Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman were in Philly for a table reading of the new Neil Berger movie “Intouchable” which I mentioned a few weeks ago would
be filming in Philadelphia. Friday evening car scenes were filmed in Center City, but the principles weren’t involved.  Cranston and Kidman flew out to prepare for the Screen Actors Guild Award Awards last night. Kidman presented, and Cranston won for his performance in “All the Way. Be on the look out for them for the next 4 weeks and drop me a line if you see they, especially if you have a picture with them.

1-28-2017 3-38-53 PM (Custom)
Since Nicki Minaj dumped Meek Mills, his new Sixers seatmate looks to be Kevin Hart. Let’s keep it that way cause nearly every game Kevin Hart has attended the Sixers have won.  Also spotted at the game
was Allen Iverson, M. Night Shyamalan, who’s on quite a winning streak himself as his newest movie, the psychological thriller Split, was the No. 1 movie again at the US box office this weekend, holding on to the top spot for a second week running. It’s now made $78 million domestically and $24 million internationally, pushing its worldwide total above $100 million. (I think I’m going to see it tonight at The Roxy)

1-30-2017 9-07-02 AM (Custom)
Connor Barwin sitting court side, spotted Eagles teammate Malcolm Jenkins with wife Morrisa Jenkins.
1-30-2017 9-08-34 AM (Custom)
Sunday night Malcolm Jenkins, the dapper dresser was the bartender on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen .

1-27-2017 12-58-31 PM (Custom)
Currently living in Philadelphia, international songstress Vassy  has landed at the top of Billboard Dance Club Songs with ‘Nothing to Lose‘ this week.

HD1_1746 (Custom)

Congrats to Laura Burkhardt who starts her new job at Visit Philly tonight. Friday night her friends threw her a good luck party at R2L. Executive Chef/Owner Daniel Stern was on hand to wish her well
as well. 1-30-2017 9-07-31 AM (Custom)

Congrats to Sam and Connie Katz, whose daughter was married in December, but he just posted the shots this weekend. 1-30-2017 9-07-54 AM (Custom) (Custom)

Thanks to Men’s Wearhouse for dressing me for the 160th Academy Concert and Ball this past weekend, and for giving my readers $40 off their rentals.
Thanks to my Instagram followers for all the love.
It was an awesome time, and my tux fit perfectly, the first time in the 6 years I’ve gone. I had no idea Men’s Wearhouse rented tuxes, let alone White Tails. I did know
they had great suits, and men’s clothing. They have a Big & Tall section as well. Go check them out at
1624 Chestnut St, Philadelphia Pa


Pixs: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Gala Honoring Kevin Hines and Drew Bergman

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention held their annual Lifesaver Gala last month at the Curtis Center in Philadelphia.

AmericanThe American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the leading national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy, and to reaching out to people with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide. Nearly $50,000 was raised at the event for the cause.

Evan Solomon, and Lynsie Solomon, co chair and producer of the Lifesaver Gala. Thanks Lynsie for creating an amazing event, including obtaining great items for
the silent auction.

HD1_8931 (Custom)

Shelley Leaphart-Williams, and Garden Logan, co-chair of the Lifesaver Gala

AJ Marsico and Annie McCormick, 6ABC. Annie was the MC for the program

HD1_8900 (Custom)

There was an amazing silent auction, and by amazing I mean it. Lynsie and her committee really obtained unique items

HD1_8901 (Custom)
which brought in nearly $10,000. There were trips, and jewelry, sports experiences, and dinners

Jill Rizen


Nearly 200 people filled the beautiful Cescaphe Curtis Center lobby. Cescaphe created the lovely draping of the room
and table settings.

HD1_8929 (Custom)

Shelley Leaphart-Williams, Dr.Lawrence Real, Jan Evans, Dr.Tami Benton, Catherine Siciliano, Dr.Arthur Evans, and Dr.Guy Diamond, Dr. Pat Gainey

HD1_8858 (Custom)
Denise Fike was on hand to do illustrations

Tita and Khayla Atte



This was a great raffle idea. For $20 you could buy a cork, which you would choose out of a hat. The cork had a number marked on it
and matched up with a bagged bottle of wine, who’s value ran from $10 to $100. Then the bottle was held at the desk until the end of the night when you picked it up, cause dinner included wine. Nearly every bottle was spoken for by the end of the night.

Caryn Hersch, Board member of AFSP and Vickie Nomiddle


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention honored mental health advocates Kevin Hines and Drew Bergman at its annual Save a Life Gala in 2017. With Dr. Pat Gainey, Philadelphia regional director for the American Foundation and Catherine M. Siciliano, AFSP associate Philadelphia area director


Maria Papadakis and Chris Konopka Get Married

OMG has it been a week already since my girl Maria Papadakis got married to the guy she’s been looking for all her life, Chris Konopka, it has. What an amazing wedding; and very intimate with only 65 people invited. What an honor to witness their special day, and to re-connect with old mutual friends and make a few new ones.

HD1_0503 (Custom)

Welcome to Naples!
Maria and Christopher get married weekend
Mike and I arrived at our hotel, Inn of Naples, on Thursday and was greeted at the desk with two
lovely gift bags from the intended couple. The bag included personalized M&M’s with the initials of Chris and Maria (they were so good I ate Mike’s too), gifts, snacks, and towels for the beach party.

HD1_0265 (Custom)
Come enjoy a beautiful dinner with us outside on the bay into the Gulf to get our wedding weekend started Thursday night!




Friday – Cocktails, Ceremony, & Reception at The Ritz-Carlton Naples Florida

HD1_0428 (Custom)
Dress was beach chic and well Chris’ uncle wins


HD1_0446 (Custom)

Folks came from all over, even from Dubai and as close as Miami, where Michael Lahoud, who met Chris Konopka when they both played for the Phila Union 2012 – 2013 travelled from. He now plays on the Miami team; Director/Producer Clayton Hansler traveled from Toronto, where Chris played for Toronto FC for a few years.

HD1_0459 (Custom)

The Konopka FamilyMarried Married

Antonis Papadourakis and Grigorios Papadourakis HD1_0556 (Custom) HD1_0592 (Custom) HD1_0621 (Custom)

HD1_0452 (Custom)

HD1_0646a (Custom)

John and Rachel Paz

HD1_0689 (Custom)

after the ceremony and cocktail party we headed to that cute little event space on the beach, that looks like a houseMarried

For dinnerMarried

HD1_0714 (Custom) Married

Eliana Papadakis and Maria Konopka HD1_0743 (Custom) Married HD1_0749 (Custom) HD1_0751 (Custom)
Katie Jelen HD1_0794 (Custom)

Mike Toub is learning to dance, thanks Jenna E. Moore, Hair Stylist at Moore is More

HD1_0812 (Custom)
Marisa Magnatta, Maria and Vasiliki TsourisHD1_0827 (Custom)

Then the groom got up to serenade his bride, and he’s a darn good singer. Sometimes he joins his brother – Ned Ryerson (r) and his band The Groundhogs at the gigs they play in South Jersey. Chris Konopka was on stage with their wedding band  Land Shark Band and Ned Ryerson on singing and on lead guitar. That’s Chris & Ned’s dad on keyboard and mom on tamburine


Posted by Gary Roland on Saturday, January 21, 2017

OMG so glad someone had a clip of this, I accidentally deleted mine grabbing the turbulence vids on Monday and ran out of phone space & deleted previous videos including this clip of Chris’ rapping.


Married HD1_0877 (Custom)

Saturday – Brunch, Brews, & Beach – Pelican Bay Pool & Beach Married Married
Sunday Chris and Maria hosted 11 of us, who were still in town, on a tour of the Everglades, and Wooten’s Animal Sanctuary

HD1_1096 (Custom)

Penny from Eviama Spa in Midtown Village


So fun

1-27-2017 11-17-58 AM (Custom)

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Maria Konopka.
(this last photo was taken by their photographer)




Mike Jerrick Suspended from Fox 29 over Bullshit, Video & Philly Gossip

Where Mike Jerrick is now: Taking care of his mental health.


Hey it’s Thursday so that means another Philly Gossip column for you. Friday I’ll post Maria Papadakis’ wedding photos, then Sunday it’s more Philly Gossip,  and Monday The Academy Ball Fashion Photos.

Mike Jerrick’s antics on Fox 29 have produced plenty of viral videos over the years. Who could forget his mimicking the Kardashian’s, or his hysterical Ryan Lochte interview with Shenielle Jones a 4 years ago, which became very popular again this past summer during the Olympics. Well no one was laughing at Fox on Monday when he accidentally said the word bullshit live on Good Day. (Although millions of people in the USA were cheering Right On Mike when the video went viral)

According to the national news site FT LIVE Fox29’s Philly Anchor Mike Jerrick has been suspended for a week by the parent company Fox after he said Kellyanne Conway is a good bullshitter accidentally on air Monday morning; and honestly she is; Kellyanne told Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet The Press that Spicer’s take on the supposed record breaking inauguration crowds was “Alternative Facts”, she even crack a shit eating grin herself, so calling her out was a natural response, but you’re probably not allowed to accidentally curse on TV.

Thursday President Trump will be in town at the Republican Retreat in Philly.

Call Fox National in support of Mike Jerrick 1 (888) 369-4762 to complain, not local Fox 29. The decision was made by parent company. And please don’t boycott Fox 29, they’re great people. I only reported on this because people make mistakes, he apologized. it’s my biggest fear to accidentally curse when I’m on TV. Even Fox News’ Mike Wallace hammered away at Trump’s Communications Director the other night, calling Trump a liar. I was impressed.

Check out the GOP Retreat agenda at


Another scary dude in town Bryan Cranston ie Breaking Bad’s Walter White. He’s filming a movie, Untouchable, with Nicole Kidman and Kevin Hart. Remember Friday night Untouchable is filming car chase scenes on JFK and Market Street after 7PM until the wee hours of the morning. What I’ve read said the principle actors aren’t going to be there, but they are in town so I think they might pop in.


Kevin Hart’s been spotting around town. Today he worked out at City Fitness in the Graduate Hospital Area, which ironically no longer has a hospital in the area; last night he was at the Sixers game, with a million of my instagram friends it seems.

1-24-2017 7-35-13 PM (Custom)

It was “M. Night Shyamalan Night,” at the Sixers’ game last night, in honor of his new movie “Split”, which opened last Friday with a stunning box-office comeback, earning $40.2 million over its opening weekend, giving it the No. 1 spot at the box office. That’s more money than “The Sixth Sense” made in its debut weekend ($26.7 million) and marks one of Shyamalan’s best openings — though it doesn’t quite match the impressive $60.1 million “Signs” took in over its 2002 opening weekend. Split stars James McAvoy and my friend in my head Betty Buckley, and filmed in Philly last year. At the Sixers game last night Night rang the Sixers’ ceremonial Liberty Bell. His daughter Saleka sang the National Anthem. Above is his wife, Bhavna Vaswani came out to support. (Thanks Sixers for the photos) BTW Saleka’s quite an artist as well, In the Sixth Sense, the artwork in the book about extraterrestrials was done by her.Jerrick

1-23-2017 7-36-46 PM (Custom)
Thanks Flyers for sending my niece Nicole, who was born and lives in Charlotte and is recovering from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a nice care package. You made her day.


Brian Sims Wants You To Protest With Him – Plus Trump Road Closures

Brian Sims Wants You To Protest With Him (plus chip in to help his cause) – Plus Trump Road Closures on Thursday




This week, President Trump and the Republican Party Leadership are meeting in Philadelphia to plan their year. If the last three days are any indication, they are planning to systematically destroy so much that we’ve fought for in our lifetimes. Already, Trump and his Republican allies have issued statements and executive orders to roll back environmental protections, cut funding for Planned Parenthood, and dismantle the Affordable Care Act. We cannot let this stand.
I had the honor of marching with many of you over the weekend as we gave birth to the progressive resistance of these backward policies. I’m asking all of you who can to join me tomorrow as we take the next step in our movement to protect equal rights, healthcare, and our collective values. 
Together, we shall overcome.
In solidarity,


Rep. Brian Sims

PS. Please consider chipping in $5, $10, $20 or whatever you can to support me.


Trump Road Closures on Thursday for Vehicles and Pedestrians


Road Closures for Trump Visit- Thursday, 1/26
Date: 1/25/2017

The City of Philadelphia has released a list of road closures and restrictions in advance of President Donald Trump’s visit to the Republican Congressional retreat on Thursday: Please expect significant bus delays/detours as a result and plan accordingly.

Road Closures:

The following roads will be closed beginning at 8 a.m. Thursday and will remain closed until at least 6 p.m. Thursday:

  • 13th Street from Chestnut Street to Market Street


  • Market Street from 11th Street to Juniper Street


  • 12th Street from Chestnut to Arch Street

The public should expect rolling road closures during dignitary movement on Thursday.

Parking Restrictions:

The following parking restrictions will go into effect at 6 a.m. Thursday:

  • 13th Street from Chestnut to Market Streets


  • Market Street from 11th Street to Juniper Street


  • 12th Street from Chestnut to Arch Street PPA and PPD will tow any cars located on those streets to the PPA impoundment lot at 2501 S. Weccacoe Avenue in South Philadelphia.

The parking restrictions will be lifted when the roads reopen to vehicular traffic Thursday evening.

Pedestrian Restrictions:

The United States Secret Service is establishing a secure perimeter that will limit pedestrian access to the following streets starting at 6 a.m. on Thursday:

  • 1100 and 1200 block of Market – both north and south sides


  • 12th Street from Chestnut to Filbert Streets – both east and west sides


  • 13th Street from Chestnut to Market Streets – both east and west sides

Demonstration Information:

The Office of Special Events has received an application for a demonstration scheduled for Thursday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Anticipated attendance is 3,000 people. Other demonstrations without permits are also expected to occur throughout the day



Photos from Winterfest Held at Suburban Square Over the Weekend

It might have been a balmy, but damp 50 degrees, but the Winterfest extravaganza at Suburban Square went off without a hitch on Saturday. The day included Music, Dancing, Food, Drinks, Ice Sculpture, Roasted Chestnuts, Kids Crafts, Snowman Cookies, Gift Bags, Giveaways, and a Coat Drive for the less fortunate.


King and Queen of Winter with guest

2_0032 (Custom)


4_0028 (Custom)

Winter Coat donation.

8_0048 (Custom)

Ice Sculpture by Peter H Slavin.

12_0011 (Custom)

27_0034 (Custom)

Making snowman cookies



Sitting on the ice throne75_0114 (Custom) 77_0182 (Custom) 79_0220 (Custom) Winterfest Winterfest 91_0189 (Custom)  98_0228 (Custom) Winterfest 104_0217 (Custom) Winterfest 108_0205 (Custom) 112_0192 (Custom)

Ashley Albrecht Managing Director of Albrecht Events.

120_0238 (Custom) 122_0247 (Custom) Winterfest

Thanks Mike Hirata, PhillyChitChat for snapping these shots while I was in Florida for Maria Papadakis’ wedding. Photos tomorrow.


Wildlife of the Everglades, Corkscrew Swamp and Southern Florida

Good morning. Sorry for my sparodic postings this month. I really was suffering from a bit of the winter blues and wasn’t very motivated. I am revived after my trip to Naples Florida to attend my friends Maria Papadakis and Chris Konopka’s wedding. I’m going to post early, events, gossip/tidbits, food and fun. Today on I’m featuring the wildlife I saw at preserves and in the Everglades. If you have any questions drop me a line at Buzz@Philly Chit or check out my FB page and leave a comment . I highly recommend you check out these places to see nature at home. It’s not too too far from Disney World, definitely worth a trip, plus the sunsets are amazing.


It was so nice to see one of my best friends, she just lights up my life; and to see her so in LOVE with a guy who cherishes her, makes her laugh, supports her, encourages her, and is her best friend makes me very happy. She’s equal in all those adjectives as well. Together they are the picture of perfect. Anyway, seeing them, catching up with old friends and making new ones, the warmth of Florida and me getting over my fear of flying makes me a happy HughE in our cloudy winter. I have my SADD light on, which if you get the blues in the winter, I highly recommend them. Tomorrow I will have Maria/Chris wedding photos. It’ll take me a little more time to write that out.

HD1_0376 (Custom)

The first day in Naples I went to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
I had been there before as Mike’s Aunt Bernie and Uncle Bob Nakamura live near by, their son David Nakamura is a White House Correspondent for
The Washington Post. Follow him on TWITTER


We went with our friend Grig, who was also in town for the wedding. Corkscrew is a short drive from Naples, about 40 minutes
north. It’s family friendly, and is a series of boardwalk trails, so there’s a good chance there won’t be an alligator on the trail. It’s very safe, even for the faint of heart.

HD1_0396 (Custom)

We saw a cute baby alligator. Mike eagle eye Toub spotted it.

HD1_0315 (Custom)

Water Moccasin

HD1_0323 (Custom) HD1_0326 (Custom)

Brown Anole

HD1_0331 (Custom)

Swamps are beautifulHD1_0335 (Custom)

with pretty birds like the Roseate spoonbills

The Venusta Orchard Spider

HD1_0346 (Custom)
There are volunteers from the Audubon Society on site to point out animals, especially the hard to spot snakes in the swamp

HD1_0343 (Custom)

Who: A Barred Owl high up in a tree sleeping.

HD1_0609 (Custom)

That evening, Friday January 20, 2017 was Maria and Chris’ wedding on the beach. Neither of them is that guy swimming
in the gulf during the sunset.

1-24-2017 10-36-19 AM (Custom)

HD1_0636 (Custom)

The sunset on the Gulf is gorgeous. Go see it. Tune in tomorrow for pixs from the Wedding day and reception.

HD1_0843 (Custom)
The next day we had lunch and a party on a private beach at Pelican Bay, Naples

HD1_0864 (Custom)

Let’s hope the white heron doesn’t get too close to the spiders web

HD1_0921 (Custom)

On our way to the private beach I saw a Green Heron

HD1_0938 (Custom)

Saturday night dinner with friend’s at their beachfront house.
Yes I could live with these sunsets every night.

1-24-2017 12-05-38 PM (Custom)

Sunday the Konopka’s took us on an Everglade’s excursion. Wooten’s

HD1_0986a (Custom)
Here’s an Anhinga landing

HD1_1033 (Custom)


HD1_1040 (Custom) HD1_1153 (Custom)

Swarms of birds and manateesHD1_1169 (Custom)

Alligators sunningHD1_1195 (Custom)

A huge male bald eagle protecting it’s nest

HD1_1128 (Custom)

There were lots of rescued animals in the sanctuary. These animals were rescued from people’s home as pets, and or injured
in the wilds.

HD1_1289 (Custom)

Another sunset, this one overlooking Marco Island





Philly Gossip: Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill #FakeNews, Vassy Charts, Joe Biden Spotted

Good Friday Philly Gossip Day. I’m away so I thought I’d drop this today and not Sunday. We’ll get back to the regular schedule next week with Sunday and Thursday gossip.
I guess Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s gave the people what they wanted and “broke up”, but did they


Celebrity gossip site MediaTakeOut got tipped that the breakup might have been all staged.

“I don’t think they ever even broke up. Nicki was in the studio all last week and she was texting with [Meek]. He even came by and picked her up,” the anonymous person said. Asked when they got back together, they said, “I don’t know – it’s probably all just [publicity]. I don’t think they ever broke up.”



Recently international songstress Vassy settled in Philadelphia, as I told you last week. This week her song “Nothing to Lose” is moving up the Billboard Dance Charts and is at #3 Congrats!!

1-18-2017 4-38-40 PM (Custom)

Another newly minted resident is former Vice President Joe Biden, who popped into his new work place U of Penn, earlier this month.

TRAFFIC ALERT the new movie filming in town UNTOUCHABLE is closing down streets next Friday night.

by Feel Good Films, Inc. is filming its upcoming feature film Untouchable in Philadelphia this January and February. On the evening of Friday, January 27th our production will film a scene on Market St and John F. Kennedy Blvd. The scene will consist of cars driving westbound on JFK Blvd and eastbound on Market St, between 15th St and 20th St. Filming will begin at 7:00 PM and finish around 7:00 AM Saturday morning. Market St, JFK Blvd and their intersection streets will be closed to vehicle traffic during these hours. The Philadelphia Police Department will supervise traffic control and detours. Street closure times and detours will be at the discretion of the Philadelphia Police Department. Professional stunt and safety personnel will be on-site during filming.

All sidewalks will remain open during filming. Please follow the instructions of our crewmembers stationed on the sidewalk near your building. This is for your safety.

  • This is a great opportunity to see a film shot in Philly. The last film that closed this street was Law Abiding Citizen. At that shoot fans did get a look at Jamie Foxx who was on set, but no actors Nicole Kidman, Bryan Cranston or Kevin Hart, are schedule to be on set this time. But it’s still fun to watch. Make sure you listen to the Production Assistants ie PA’s on where to stand so that you are not in the shot.


Set your DVR’s
1-18-2017 4-40-11 PM (Custom)


When he’s not booking great music for

1-18-2017 4-27-26 PM (Custom)

Fashion Find: Sarah Bloomquist had the cutest Valley Forge born Tory Burch earrings on during Wednesday Noontime broadcast. Gotham



What’s Happening?Gotham
Sunday, January 29, 2017 Starting at 3:00 PM
Saint Luke Lutheran Church 203 N. Valley Forge Rd, Devon, PA 19333
Ticket Info

John Heinz Celebrates Ground Hogs Day


#LetsDotThis #ViolenceFreeFeb


Road Closures for The “Women’s March in Philadelphia” Saturday Jan 21st

On Saturday, January 21st, the “Women’s March in Philadelphia” demonstration will take place on Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Eakins Oval. To ensure the safety of participants and the public, road closures and parking restrictions will be implemented in the vicinity of the event. Delays can be expected during the course of the demonstration. Motorists are advised to avoid the area by using alternate routes, and allow for extra driving time in areas near the event. Please refrain from double-parking, which creates congestion, limits traffic flow and is illegal.
Road Closures
Participants in the march will assemble at Logan Circle, Aviator Park and Benjamin Franklin Parkway beginning at 7:00AM. The march portion of the demonstration will commence at 10:00AM. The march will start at 20 th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway and proceed westbound to Eakins Oval, where the rally portion of the demonstration will commence at 12:00PM. The demonstration is scheduled to conclude at 3:00PM.
The following streets will be closed starting at 6:55AM until approximately 12:00PM on Saturday, January 21st :
– Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 16th Street and 20th Street (including Logan Circle)
– 19th Street between Race Street and Vine Street
– Race Street between 20th Street and Logan Circle
Streets closed for the march assembly will open as they are cleared.
The following streets will be closed starting at 6:55AM until approximately 4:00PM on Saturday, January 21st:
– Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 20th Street and Eakins Oval (all lanes)
– 21st Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Winter Street
– 22nd Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Race Street
– 23rd Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Benjamin Franklin Parkway
– Spring Garden Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Benjamin Franklin Parkway
– Kelly Drive (outbound) from Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Fairmount Avenue
– Martin Luther King Drive between Eakins Oval and Sweet Briar Drive
– Spring Garden Street Bridge at 31st Street
20th Street will be temporarily closed between Callowhill Street and Race Street during the march from approximately 10:00AM to 12:00PM, but will otherwise remain open to traffic.
Starting at 6:55AM on Saturday, January 21st, due to the closure of the outer lanes on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, traffic headed inbound on Kelly Drive must exit Kelly Drive at Fairmount Avenue.
Those wishing to access the rear of the Philadelphia Museum of Art may continue to 25th Street and turn on Anne d’Harnoncourt Drive.
Parking Restrictions
The following streets will be posted as “Temporary No Parking” zones from 5:00AM-2:00PM on
Saturday, January 21st :
– Benjamin Franklin Parkway from 16 th Street to 20 th Streets (both sides of the street)
– 20th Street from Race Street to Benjamin Franklin Parkway (east side of the street)
– 19th Street from Cherry Street to Vine Street (both sides of the street)
– 18th Street from Arch Street to Vine Street (both sides of the street)
– 17th Street from Race Street to Arch Street (both sides of the street)
– 1600 Cherry Street (both sides of the street)
The following streets will be posted as “Temporary No Parking” zones from 5:00AM-6:00PM on
Saturday, January 21st :
– Benjamin Franklin Parkway from 20 th Street to Eakins Oval (all lanes; both sides)
– 21st Street between Pennsylvania Avenue & Race Street (both sides of street)
– 22nd Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Winter Street (both sides of street)
– Park Towne Place between 22nd & 24th Streets (north side of the street)
– Sedgley Drive from Kelly Drive to Poplar Drive (both sides of the street)
– 2100-2200 Spring Garden Street (north side of the street)
Please obey all “Temporary No Parking” signs. Vehicles parked in these locations during posted hours will be relocated.
Public Transportation
Due to related street closures, SEPTA Bus Routes 7, 32, 33, 38, 43 and 48 will be detoured from their normal routes through the Benjamin Franklin Parkway area beginning at 7:00AM on Saturday, January 21st through 6:00PM. Detours will be posted and specific route changes are available on the System Status Page at