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What’s Filming in Center City…

What is Filming in Center City?

Yesterday I got lots of questions about what was filming on Broad Street.

It’s @appletv movie about the hunt for John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. It is called Manhunt; (sometimes you’ll see signs that say PAX. That threw me off at First. But I walked around the block and peered into windows of vehicles. Cause that’s what we do here at Phillychitchat, we turn every stone over until we’re satisfied) filming through July 2 at the Miller theater formally known as the Marian theater @kimmelculturalcampus I went by last night around 10PM and saw a lot of extras mingling about outside in black period piece clothing.

“Manhunt” is a true crime series based on the events of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and the book “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer” by James Swanson. Menzies stars as Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s War Secretary and friend, who was driven nearly to madness by the need to catch Booth (Boyle) and to carry out Lincoln’s legacy. (source)

Stars: Tobias Menzies, Brandon Flynn, Betty Gabriel, Patton Oswalt, Lulu Taylor, Matt Walsh.

Earlier this week they filmed overnight in Fairmount Park. I hear they build a brick house for the filming.

PhillyFact: Abraham Lincoln’s hearse made its way down Broad Street passed this spot 4/22/1865

Thanks to my readers for tipping us off…

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check out Phillychitchat’s online magazine 6/21/22 To see when Jennifer Hudson is filming in Philadelphia.

July 4th Fireworks on the Delaware on July 3 at Rivers Casino


Philly Movie News: Jennifer Hudson, M Night and Ridley Scott

I photographed Jennifer Hudson at the opening of Revel Casino in 2012

Fresh from her EGOT achievement, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls, Respect) is coming to Philly to film her next movie called Breathe – The story follows a mother named Maya (Hudson) and her daughter (Wallis) who are forced to live underground after Earth is made uninhabitable due to a lack of oxygen. It also stars Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil), Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild, Annie) and Oscar winner Common (Wanted, Suicide Squad) are set to star in the film, from Indie Spirit Award winner Stefon Bristol (See You Yesterday) and Sam Worthington (Avatar).

Jennifer Hudson singing to an audience member at Philly Fights Cancer in 2016

The film is in pre production , building sets at Sun Center Studios right now. The cast will arrive in July to begin filming in our area as well as in Aston, Pa.

As I wrote last week M Night’s Knock at the Cabin has wrapped. The wrap party was held Saturday at Harper’s Garden 6/4/22
(Ironically I was having dinner at my friends farm, who lives across the street from the Night home, which I’ve been to as well)

emimahmwaba I can’t believe it’s over! #thatsawrap on #knockatthecabin ! This was my first experience on set and I have made life long connections and learned so much! #setfamily
I was very inspired by all involved in making this movie from the director (@mnight ) to all the crew on set! This has just motivated me to keep fighting for my dream and I will accomplish it God willing! 🎉🎉🎉

Knock on the Cabin stars: Dave Bautista, alumni of Shyamalan’s films Rupert Grint (servant) and Nikki Amuka-Bird (Old), and gay actors playing a gay couple: Ben Aldridge and Jonathan Groff

Knock Knock ✊

Behind the scenes with @robertanderson789 and @davecirino

I’m glad that M Night has gotten more lenient about taking photos on set, as this was one film that got away from me as I was busy shooting so many parties for spring social season. As my “agreement” with him for all of his films, I won’t delve into the plot or characters to keep it a surprise for you. (he’s always very generous to me when I do show up and photograph his film sets, and I appreciate it. Over the years of doing this it has been rough on other film sets, occasionally, LOL. )

Most of these shots were posted on the IG account Knock on the Cabin

Sightings of actors in Philly : Jonathan Groff above was spotted at Wine Dive, Bike Stop and a.kitchen. Rupert Grint was spotted with his family at The Franklin Institute, Tuna Bar, Crumbl Cookies, and the Elmwood Zoo.

“I was 23. I came out of the closet and I was still feeling quite shameful for years. When I did Looking, I was playing a gay character on a set with a lot of gay people. I started to fall in love with who I was for the 1st time. Truth really did set me free” Happy pride month. – Jonathan Groff

Knock at the Cabin will be released 2/2023

M. Night Shyamalan and Rupert Grint return to Philly to finish the final 5 episodes for Servant Season 4. Filming is under way at Night’s Garnet Valley studio, which he built specially for the popular Apple TV series. But will return to the Fitler Square area by August.

Rumor has it that Ridley Scott is filming a new movie in our area in the fall. I heard about it to from someone in the industry. I wish I could find my notes….. but here’s the rumor on Reddit.