8 Things That Will Get You Talking about Philly

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Happy Hump Day. As we approach Valentine’s Day, know it’s not just about couples; It’s about love. Love for ourselves, our community and each other. I love this stoop in Society Hill. I love when I go to the doctors office, like today, and they have cutout hearts on the window. I love heart shaped brooches, heart shaped candy boxes, and cute little Valentine cards kids give to their friends. When I was a kid, and right into my adulthood, my mom always sent my brother and sisters a card and a box of candy. So when stores start displaying those heart shaped candy boxes in October, my heart leaps a bit. Have an awesome day, but let’s see what’s happening around town.


Sweetheart Serenade—a free concert of love songs from Arthaus on the Avenue of the Arts. Sweetheart Serenade features a duet of University of the Arts singers performing the songs of Frank Sinatra, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Hency Mancini from a pop-up stage on the 7th floor of the luxury condominium construction site. Then we’ll head upstairs to check out a finished sample apartment with a breathtaking view of the Avenue of the Arts.

224 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Shaking Seafoods is opening in the former spot of Thai Koji Sushi which closed last year. Shaking Seafoods also has a spot at 243 S. 10th Street. Besides the regular seafood fare the popular eatery serves chicken wings as well.

It’s getting hot in here!!

Evil Genius is still pop up 1602 Spruce Street.

(Read above first)
Saw on Next Door. What I really want to know is who left the window open, and why was the window open, how did you not realize the window was open. Thanks neighbors, you’re terrific.

Save The Date (Maybe) Philly’s Damon Feldman — who’s been behind a ton of celebrity boxing events over the years — has announced another celebrity boxing match between Aaron Carter and Lamar Odom June 12 in Atlantic City at the Showboat Hotel (owned by Philly resident Bart Blatstein). Tickets go on sale soon, but I am confident you could buy them the day before as well.

***Sponsorship opportunities direct message @therealdamonfeldman

Keep that shovel handy this week. I’ll be back tomorrow with more on Philly to chat about. Have a great day. HughE