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Spotted: Oprah, Harry Styles, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, Jennifer Lopez Works Out in Philly, A Rod Tours NoLibs

Hey there Sunday readers, hope you had a fantastic Saturday. What a beautiful day, and a taste of spring. It’s Sunday and here at Philly Chit Chat that means one thing time for a little Philly Gossip.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were in town Sunday to attend the Phillies game last night as A Rod is an announcer with ESPN.  Before the game J Lo went to the new Sweat Gym at Broad and Chestnut to do a quick work before the game. Her trainer Lauren Findley @laurenlf posted a photo of them after working out.  J Lo is wearing Niyama Sol her new leggings design, under $100 a pair she says it will show your butt the way you want it to be seen. What did former Yankee Alex Rodriguez do, I hear he headed to NoLibs to check out his new boutique studio TruFusion which is under construction at 1150 N. American Street (right down the street from the Piazza). The Las Vegas gym expects to open the first of many in our area this summer. No doubt next time J Lo is in town she’ll be working out there.

Thanks @iradiophilly for this screen shot

Right after the game they were escorted by a bevy of security, where J Lo slid into the waiting SUV, while A Rod signed for fans before making his exit. I hear they headed for the Walt Whitman bridge back to Manhattan.

Photo by https://www.instagram.com/ambientdjs/

Thanks to so many tipsters who told me that Oprah and Gayle King were spotted at the Reeds Hotel (Reeds at Shelter Haven) in Stone Harbor, NJ Saturday. They’re no strangers to the Jersey shore and periodically pop up as Oprah’s fiance, Stedman Graham is from nearby Whitesboro. In the 90s Oprah and Stedman even rented a house for the summer on 112th Street near the point, my mom would see Oprah running early in the morning and they’d just wave to each other from familiarity of a daily routine. Oprah posing with high school sweethearts Sara Paton and Wesley Krempel who tied the knot in Stone Harbor at the Reeds.

Gayle King was in Stone Harbor with her kids Will Bumpus, Jr and Kirby Bumpus and posted yesterday.

In recent years when Oprah and friends have come to town they stay at the Reeds or in Cape May. Last September they celebrated Labor day in Stedman’s hometown at the Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, N.J. 30th reunion. Just a few weeks ago Nick Vadala, at Philly.com reported Oprah, Gayle King and Stedman Graham were spotting dining in Cape May, where the trio enjoyed several dishes from the Ebbitt Room at the Virginia Hotel in town. In 2013 They stayed at Congress Hall and Oprah told her fans they were getting ready for India Arie on Super Soul Sunday.

Unfortunately this visit wasn’t for something on a happier note. They were hear to attend Stedman’s brother’s funeral . James Owen Graham was born in Cape May Court House, N.J. on September 4, 1956 to Stedman Worth and Mary Jacobs Graham. Affectionately known as Jimmy, he passed away peacefully in the early morning of March 24, 2019 at Cape Regional Medical Center. He was sent home yesterday at a beautiful mass in their hometown church Christ Gospel Love Center. 2209 Route 9 South, Whitesboro, N.J. 08252 In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, P.O. Box 412, Whitesboro, N.J. 08252 and Caring for Kids, 31 East Mechanic Street, Cape May Court House, N.J. 08210.

Need a Home Contact
Allan Domb Real Estate

Folks are on the look out for Harry Styles who was snapped at the Philly Airport last night. Is he here to visit his friend Xander Ritz, who grew up on the Mainline.

Spotted dining at Estia was Bryce Harper’s grandparents the night before his debut at the Phillies Opening Game.

Friday night Aaron Nola celebrated the Phillies win with dinner at Capital Grille with his family.

Photo by Shira Yudkoff

THE PUBLIC, written and directed by Emilio Estevez, which opens to the public today, had a fundraising screening Thursday night at the Philadelphia Film Society on Chestnut Street in Center City benefiting the Mental Health Partners of Philadelphia.   The story revolves around the library patrons, many of whom are homeless, mentally ill and marginalized, as well as an exhausted and overwhelmed staff of librarians who often build emotional connections and a sense of obligation to care for those regular patrons. Before the screening there was a VIP reception where Emilio Estevez, and Alec Baldwin mingled and posed with film goers. In this photo is taken by Shira Yudkoff
Emilio Estevez, and Alec Baldwin with  Dr. Adriana Torres-O’Connor President, CEO of Mental Health Partners, and husband Kerry O’Connor.  Friday morning Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria were turning heads as they walked up Walnut Street before returning to their hotel at the Union League. (Yes there are hotel rooms in the Union League.)


Valerie Bertinelli, Selena Gomez, M Night Movie News and more

Valerie Bertinelli, Selena Gomez, M Night Movie News and more PhillyChit Chatter
BertinelliToday’s Rock & Roll Philly 10K sponsored by AACR

Hello Sunday. It might seem gloomy out today, but it’s going to be 82F and that’s a fine day to me.
So many celebrities in town this weekend, let’s see who was out and about

Friday Adam F. Goldberg was given a replica of the Liberty Bell by Mayor Jim Kenney on behalf of the City of Philadelphia. He also recieved a Flyers Jersey at the noontime ceremony. Friday evening Barry Goldberg, accompanied by Troy Gentile, who plays Barry in the series, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Phillies game. M Night scoting locations in S Philly (Custom)
Film director M. Night Shyamalan was scouting locations for his new movie “Glass” in South Philly. He stopped in Michael Strauss’ Taproom on 19 and posed for nearly everyone in the place. Glass will be shooting in the Philadelphia and Allentown, Pa are from Mid October until the end of November 2017. Check out Heery-Loftus Casting if you’d like to be background talent.

Valerie Bertinelli was in town for an appearance on QVC Sunday evening. The Hot in Cleveland star checked in at the Ritz-Carlton on Thursday evening after being greeted by paparazzi she complained on twitter. (I think she should check the size of those cameras, they were fans.) Friday she grabbed a cheese steak with provolone from Steve’s at 16th & Chestnut, and was chided from the server who said when you’re in Philly you’re supposed to have cheez wiz on it. Her instagram followers agreed with Steve’s. Saturday night she headed to Bar Avalon in West Chester. John Brandt-Lee, chef/owner, prepared her delicious, family styled Italian dishes for her and her friends.

9-17-2017 10-08-43 AM (Custom)
Selena Gomez was spotted at The Weeknd’s concert at Wells Fargo last night. Recently she’s been in the news after receiving a kidney transplant from her best friend. Selena’s suffers from Lupus, a debilitating autoimmune disease.  9-17-2017 10-40-47 AM (Custom)
No word on whether they headed to her and former beau Justin Bieber’s favorite Philly eatery IHop on Walnut St.

Congrats to Tina Elmer and Drew Brunstein on their recent wedding. As busy as Tina is she made time to stop by and wish me a happy anniversary on Philly Chit Chat’s 10th Anniversary on July 19th at the Ritz. Thanks girl, and for the thoughtful gifts. So happy for you.Bertinelli
That’s another wedding notch for me. Over my lifetime I have connected or in this case indirectly connected duo’s to matrimony. You may remember Geoff Pierce, the hottie on the art museum steps, who I photographed a few years back. Well he’s engaged now to Samantha Keenan, who he met after she recognized him as the beast on the art museum steps. I captured Geoff working out one spring day on the famed Rocky Steps, shirtless. But that wasn’t what really drew my attention, no, he was doing burpees “climbing” up the steps. It was amazing. I was always on the look out for husbands for my single friends and thought this is a perfect specimen. I guess the rest of Philly thought so too as the video and post went viral.   He was chosen as a Philly Daily News Sexy Single as a result as well, he made appearances on Fox 29 and was interviewed on WMMR, Thus somewhere shortly after that Samantha and he met.

I’ll see the rest of you here tomorrow!!


#PCC10 Anniversary: Favorite Tear Sheets

Hello Monday, oh wait I forgot to publish this yesterday… after a fairly awesome weekend weather wise, this is not how I want to face my Monday. So let’s chat Tear Sheets. A Tear Sheet is a press clipping of your work, it can be your client in the news, an event you produced, or for me a photo I placed or was picked up by the media. It is important you keep these tear sheets for your own records, cause it’s kinda exciting to get press, and it’s good when you’re going after your next job to show your client what you can do for them, and for me in the beginning it was good when I was credentialing myself to get into events.  It usually takes a few Tear Sheets before you would be considered legit to get access to events.

This is one of my favorite photos and moments in my career, but I really goofed with this photo, I never submitted it to my wireservice, I was caught up in the excitement of everything. A similar photo ran in People Mag, but it was bought from the Phila Inquirer photographer, something that is nearly never done. it was taken from Sky Philadelphia.

9-30-2013 7-39-51 AM (Custom)
This was significant as it was the first time I placed Marilyn Russell in the newspaper. It was the beginning of our close friendship as well.  This was a Kory Aversa event, and he asked me to invite a few people to an event at his client Penny Ordway’s spa Eviama, and I invited Marilyn. It was also her bday and he got a cake and it became picture perfect for the Daily News.


1-24-2016 7-56-01 AM (Custom)
I Instagramed a shot of the sledders the year before and Cecily Tynan picked it up. It was shared thousands of times, and liked by more than 6ks people. (It was also picked up by national news as well) Every year I send her a shot like this, if it snows more than 8 inches as that’s what you need to sled on the steps.

2-24-2016 6-44-48 AM (Custom)
My first Metro Cover Story Photo. I’ve had two, then last week I was on the cover. Very exciting.


3-18-2015 3-14-24 PM (Custom)

We are still waiting for the hotel at Broad and Spruce to be built. 6-17-2015 11-43-26 PM (Custom)
I love this shot. I’m so lucky I got it as I was at the top of the steps at Penn’s Landing. I never credential myself at the Gay Pride Parade because I’m with Mike and
I don’t like leaving him behind during this special day. (Philly Gossip)7-6-2014 1-43-50 PM (Custom)
Nicki Minaj giving me juicy love at the Ritz Carlong. This shot still sells today as she was make up free.7-8-2015 12-27-18 AM (Custom)
Oh how I loved when my photos found a home at Philly Daily News Gossip Column8-11-2014 3-18-28 AM (Custom) 8-23-2013 12-59-37 PM
Tear sheets also include your postings, whether it’s a blog or Social Media posting, being picked up by the press.9-2-2013 4-12-01 PM (Custom)

Always excited to be quoted in the press

from a fan (Custom) 7-20-2013 3-34-52 AM (Custom)
It takes years photographing celebrities, and making the right connections to anticipate where a celebrity is going to exit their hotel. This was the back of Hotel Monaco.9-27-2013 7-49-45 AM (Custom)
I miss my Philly.com column. It was exciting when they offered it to me, but like most things in it went away with the changing of
the economy and downsizing of the media. 3-25-2013 11-49-21 PM (Custom)

3-14-2012 7-02-45 AM (Custom)

7/31/17 will be my 6th year anniversary at Fox 29 as a contributor. I used to appear on the show weekly, but then my business got in the way. If you watch the show today
you’ll see photos of an event I photographed Monday night with Alex Holley and Jenn Frederick modeling Venus Williams tennis clothing.
I am still a contributor, as well as someone who gives them story ideas.

4-5-2012 11-48-07 PM (Custom)

It bums me out when a photo I took at a Philly event makes it in the press, but doesn’t mention the event. 8-4-2012 8-33-37 PM (Custom) (2) 8-22-2012 4-04-29 PM (Custom) (2)
Funny when the national press writes about me

national enquirer (Custom) (2)

3-14-2012 2-05-14 PM (Custom)

march (Custom)

There’s a million favorite tear sheets I adore, but I just wanted to show a few of them today. So bloggers if you’re blog is picked up by another blog, or the press
remember to save those tear sheets.


Little Pete’s Last Day, NBC News’ Kristin Welker Weds, Christie to Be A Mom, PLUS More Tidbits

Welcome to PhillyChitChat’s weekly Philly Gossip Column. Sunday’s and Thursday’s we’re going to get you in the know.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr chilly this weekend, but you know that. Today I hope to see some of you at The Brewer’s Plate at the Kimmel Center and/or Variety Club’s Let Them Eat Cake at the Loews. Yes I know you’re saying but isn’t Let Them Eat Cake a City of Hope event. Well Harry Giordano, jumped from COH to Variety, and took the event he created with him. Kind of surprising that could be done as I know another recent personality tried to do that and it didn’t fly.


Paul Steinke, ‎Executive Director – ‎Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, posted on his FB page that the last day for Little Pete’s on 17th Street is Monday May 29 – Memorial Day. What a way to start off the summer, boo hoo. Plans call for the beloved diner to be replaced by a Hyatt Centric hotel.

I spoke with Little Pete that evening at his second location, which is at 2401 Fairmount (ie 2401 Pennsylvania Ave – The Philadelphian, where I live). He tells me it’s true, he’s planning a big block party to thank customers for their support over the years. I asked him about new locations, and he said he’s given up on Center City and it’s high priced rent. You’ll recall I mentioned a bit back that he looked at the Cosi at 15th and Locust, and the rent was over $20ks a month. Pete tells me they’re going to take time off, he and his brother, John Koutroubas, who runs 17th Street are looking forward to running the Fairmount Little Pete’s, and taking long vacations. When they’re ready they’re looking in Northern Liberties, or the Fishtown area Pete told me with excitement. That area is really hot and happening.


Speaking of Fairmount, my former neighbor Kristen Welker, NBC White House Correspondent was in town over the weekend to marry her long time love John Hughes. Welker is the daughter of Harvey and Julie Welker, who still reside in Fairmount. The wedding took place at the Hyatt at the Bellevue. The ceremony was in the Rose Ballroom; afterwards guests headed downstairs to the Grand Ballroom.

3-5-2017 9-35-10 PM (Custom)

Spotted in the crowd was Kelly O’Donnell, political reporter for NBC News – who spoke at the ceremony; Chuck Todd, who headed back to Washington DC to host this morning’s “Meet The Press”, Andrea Mitchell, and her husband Alan Greenspan, David Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President of Comcast, as well as NBC10 Philadelphia alumni Justin Pizzi now with Saxbys, and Aditi Roy, now with CNBC.
Presiding over the wedding was Rev Kevin Johnson, Dare to Imagine Church.
The couples first song was by Etta James “At Last”Welker

Congrats to Chad Boonswang and Jess Stockham on their nuptials which took place last night at the Union League. Many of their friends from far and wide
were in attendance including the original Rittenhouse Entourage celebrity reporter Arthur Kade, Tony Piazza (pic above), and Ron Hansen. 

Congratulations to Christie and Brandon Mandia who are expecting heir first bouncing baby; little Mandia will be
making his debut Labor Day Weekend.
BTW Christie’s client, the delicious James restaurant, is starting a musically inclined Happy Hour in the month of March, so stayed tune for that
delivery as well.


Congrats to Hadas Kuznits and Dan Reinherz on baby number 3; 4 more months to go.


Congrats to Brian Stevenson, Business Representative for IBEW Local 98 and the lovely Kiley Jo Schroeder on their engagement which happened in Switzerland while they attended the ISZL Gala 2017 

2-16-2017 1-22-24 AM (Custom)
Sponsor today Donors Are Heroes Party 4/7/17
Organ Donation Awareness Fundraiser


While I was in Anguilla my friend Ian Hincken popped the question to his longtime love Sarah Wright.
Nothing like a winter engagement wearing shorts, memorable, oh and that location too – Independence Hall as the backdrop.

3-1-2017 8-29-28 AM (Custom)
Jennifer Lee has accepted John Lee‘s proposal and is ecstatic she doesn’t have to go through the hassle of changing her name on ANYTHING.


That Untouchable movie is chugging along nicely. While I was away Nicole Kidman filmed her scenes in Bucks County, as I mentioned the week before;
Here she’s posing with a few officers from the Solebury Police Department.

2-28-2017 2-52-00 PM

The Untouchable’s filmed in Mayfair to the delight of the neighbors.


Untouchable also filmed in the Badlands. Here’s tailor Daniel Morroni, Sr on the set with Kevin Hart’s stand in as well as Bryan Cranstons. I’m seeing a striking resemblance with Hart’s double, not so much with Cranston’s. Must be the height.


Dax Shepard handed out free cheesesteaks to some lucky fans! After tweeting out the location, the 42-year-old Parenthood actor participated in the event to celebrate the release of his latest film CHIPS on Friday (March 3) at Jim’s Steaks South St. in Philadelphia, Pa. He was joined by his co-star Michael Pena as they munched on chips, took selfies with fans, and maybe ate a few too many cheesesteaks! (Check out more of my pixs at Just Jared)


Speaking of Michael Peña
his next movie is The LEGO NINJAGO Movie which is produced by Affleck/Middleton Productions.
Shown here is John Powers Middleton, who also produced Manchester By The Sea starring his producing partner Casey Affleck, who won an Oscar.
What’s this have to do with Philly, John grew up in the Philly burbs, and his parents are the majority owners of the Philadelphia Phillies.

(PCC PhillyGossip Published every Sunday and Thursday at 10AM)


Bryan Cranston Smacks Tony Parker’s Ass at Sixers Game, & Other Philly Gossip

Bryan Cranston Smacks San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker’s Ass at Sixers Game, & Other Philly Gossip

It’s Thursday and another edition of Philly Gossip by Philly Chit Chat

After wrapping up his scenes on all day Wednesday with Julianna Margulies, chilax with game last night.


2-9-2017 8-07-53 AM (Custom)

Check out CBS3Philly 11PM on Sunday night for a piece I did with Tori Woodill on the Untouchables movie filming in Philly this month. Plus see which stars we saw on the set.

2-7-2017 11-57-10 PM (Custom)
More celebrity spotting around town




Congrats to Brittany Rastelli and Raymond Rastelli on their soon to be birth of their son. I love all the clever reveal parties.

Run Christian Run

Congrats to Philly born Arthur Kade who’s making all his dreams come true.

Check back on Sunday for more Philly Gossip.
Then on Monday in a special edition of Philly Chit Chat Gossip I’ll fill you in on this weeks Untouchable happenings, and what’s to come in the upcoming weeks including the dates Nicole Kidman films her scenes and where; and which other unnounced actors have joined the cast, you might be surprised. I don’t know why they haven’t been added to the IMDB yet, even Julianna Margulies isn’t on there, but she was here for three days of filming.


EXCLUSIVE: Julianna Margulies Joins Untouchables Movie – Plus many more notables

Yesterday I was on the set of Untouchable, which is filming in the Philadelphia area as well as NYC for the next 6 weeks. (source) The movie is based on The Intouchables an original French-language film which grossed $416 million overseas and $10 million domestic. It told the based-on-a-true-story take of an aristocrat (Francois Cluzet) who, after being injured, hires a young man (Omar Sy) from the wrong side of the tracks to be his caretaker.

 Julianna Margulies arrived late in the afternoon. She’s not on the IMDB but I can tell you she plays a love interest of Bryan Cranston‘s named lily. Here’s she’s headed to make up and costumes to prepare for scenes that’ll be shot today. Poor Julianna I completely fanned out and told her how much I loved The Good Wife. She thanked me, and went on her way as I was enveloped in joy. Julianna Margulie (Medium)
Afterwards she headed to the set to meet the actors. (Interesting flared, threaded jeans. Is this a new style?)

HD1_4054 (Custom)
who were filming inside the Center for Architecture (Note that NYC cab. That’s Kevin Hart’s stand in in the puffy jacket.)

Fan with Kevin Hart with fan (Custom)

In between takes Kevin Hart would pose for photos with fans

HD1_4116 (Medium) (Custom)

As would Bryan Cranston. I had a chance to chat with both and they’re excited to be here in Philadelphia filming. I can’t believe Bryan is 60, he looks great.

Also new to the cast
The Birth of a Nation actress Aja Naomi King has been cast in The Weinstein Company film Untouchable, joining Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman, and Genevieve Angelson. Helmed by Neil Burger, the pic is a remake of the smash 2011 French film The Intouchables from Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache. (Deadline)

Aja Naomi King plays the mother of Kevin Hart’s son, played by Jahi Di’Allo Winston
who recently was in the New Edition movie, but he’s not listed in the IMDB yet for this Untouchable.


Philly Gossip: Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman & Bryan Cranston Spotted, Malcolm Jenkins, Meek Mills and More

Happy Monday, I know no one is really happy on Monday. I usually publish this on Sunday, but I slept til noon after the Ball Saturday night and well here we are. Check out Philly Mag and Metro today for pixs from the Ball.  Here’s something to put a smile on your face – Philly Gossip Monday: Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman & Bryan Cranston Spotted, Malcolm Jenkins, Meek Mills and More.



Yeah Phillywood has kicked off. Friday Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman were in Philly for a table reading of the new Neil Berger movie “Intouchable” which I mentioned a few weeks ago would
be filming in Philadelphia. Friday evening car scenes were filmed in Center City, but the principles weren’t involved.  Cranston and Kidman flew out to prepare for the Screen Actors Guild Award Awards last night. Kidman presented, and Cranston won for his performance in “All the Way. Be on the look out for them for the next 4 weeks and drop me a line if you see they, especially if you have a picture with them.


1-28-2017 3-38-53 PM (Custom)
Since Nicki Minaj dumped Meek Mills, his new Sixers seatmate looks to be Kevin Hart. Let’s keep it that way cause nearly every game Kevin Hart has attended the Sixers have won.  Also spotted at the game
was Allen Iverson, M. Night Shyamalan, who’s on quite a winning streak himself as his newest movie, the psychological thriller Split, was the No. 1 movie again at the US box office this weekend, holding on to the top spot for a second week running. It’s now made $78 million domestically and $24 million internationally, pushing its worldwide total above $100 million. (I think I’m going to see it tonight at The Roxy)

1-30-2017 9-07-02 AM (Custom)
Connor Barwin sitting court side, spotted Eagles teammate Malcolm Jenkins with wife Morrisa Jenkins.
1-30-2017 9-08-34 AM (Custom)
Sunday night Malcolm Jenkins, the dapper dresser was the bartender on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen .

1-27-2017 12-58-31 PM (Custom)
Currently living in Philadelphia, international songstress Vassy  has landed at the top of Billboard Dance Club Songs with ‘Nothing to Lose‘ this week.

HD1_1746 (Custom)

Congrats to Laura Burkhardt who starts her new job at Visit Philly tonight. Friday night her friends threw her a good luck party at R2L. Executive Chef/Owner Daniel Stern was on hand to wish her well
as well. 1-30-2017 9-07-31 AM (Custom)

Congrats to Sam and Connie Katz, whose daughter was married in December, but he just posted the shots this weekend. 1-30-2017 9-07-54 AM (Custom) (Custom)

Thanks to Men’s Wearhouse for dressing me for the 160th Academy Concert and Ball this past weekend, and for giving my readers $40 off their rentals.
Thanks to my Instagram followers for all the love.
It was an awesome time, and my tux fit perfectly, the first time in the 6 years I’ve gone. I had no idea Men’s Wearhouse rented tuxes, let alone White Tails. I did know
they had great suits, and men’s clothing. They have a Big & Tall section as well. Go check them out at
1624 Chestnut St, Philadelphia Pa


Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston to Film In Philadelphia, Taylor Kinney’s Philly Girl Friend, Wanda Sykes Eats Out,

Good Wednesday morning. There’s a chill in the air, but now here’s some exciting news. After a lonnnnnnnnggggg drought in film making in Philly. Philly’s own Kevin Hart is on his way back to film another movie in our fair City. Last night Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Film Office, tweeted for joy with the good news for which she has worked so hard to get.

Lancaster, PA on Sunday


GFPO Press Release: Philadelphia, PA – (October 25, 2016) – Philadelphia will be the primary filming location early next year for The Weinstein Company’s The Untouchables, directed by Neil Burger, who also directed Limitless in Philadelphia, written by Jon Hartmere and executive produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein.  The Untouchables stars Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston and Philadelphia native, powerhouse comedian Kevin Hart in the US remake of the French comedy, The Intouchables.  The movie follows an aristocrat who, after becoming a paraplegic following a paragliding accident, hires an unemployed man with a criminal record to be his caregiver. (SOURCE)


I was wondering why Bryan Cranston was in town earlier this month. Super fan Team Derek caught up with him at 30th Street Station.

Kevin Hart was just in town too promoting his comedy stand up routine movie “What Now?”, which was filmed in Philly last summer at the Linc.

I heard about the movie last week while I was at the Philadelphia Film Festival Opening Party on Thursday night, my friends tell me filming will begin in late January, brrr.

Speaking about hot, fresh off her appearance with Ellen last week, local gal comedian Wanda Sykes celebrated her 8th wedding anniversary with wife Alex Sykes
at Chef Nick Elmi’s eatery Laurel (1617 E Passyunk Ave). If that wasn’t awesome enough, earlier in the week Inquirer’s Craig LaBan formidable food critic, upgraded Laurel to 4 bells. LaBan originally
reviewed Laurel in 2014.  It’s not unusal for LaBan to re-review restaurants and either add, keep the same or subtract a bell, as he once did for Del Frisco’s.
To buy the special edition of Craig LaBan
‘s reviews of his favorite 25 places in Philly go here.
Holy Cow Lady Gaga‘s ex Taylor Kinney is dating my radiologist @TJUHospital, South Philly’s Alanna DiGiovanni
Alanna DiGiovanni (l)
Sources tell me Taylor & new gf met a yr ago in AC, when Gaga performed with Tony Bennett last July 2015, but didn’t start dating til aft he broke off engagement to
They were social media friends and had kept in touch. Sadly I can’t check her SM cause she has erased her online life. Fortunately her friends read me and
have filled me in.
Alanna DiGiovanni (r) and her sister.
Recently the Flyer’s Michael Del Zotto stopped by Salon Vanity to get his locks looking great to skate
OK NOW – what a cutie – Ms Patti LaBelle’s granddaughter.
We are only a few weeks away from the Marian Anderson Awards, where Patti LaBelle and Gamble & Huff will receive the 2016 Marian Anderson Award at the annually anticipated Gala on November 15, 2016, at The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. TICKETS HERE

Philly Gossip: M Night Shyamlan, Harvey Keitel, The Q Show, Burgers & Bowl

Good Sunday Morning, yes Sunday. I have been thinking for a bit to add a Sunday column cause I have too much content to fit in 5 days, plus Sunday’s are always good days to catch up on Gossip so when you have Brunch, or dinner with the family you can say did you see so and so got married, pregnant, had a kid or saw Harvey Keitel walkind down the street in Old City.


Friday night I went to Revolutions at Penn Treaty. I toured it Friday, then they told me that that evening would be there “soft opening”, so I went back with Mike. Revolutions is a hip, bowling venue with spots around the county, but here in Philly they’ve partnered with an eatery called Burger & Beers. It’s the prototype, and if successful they’ll roll it out in their next openings. Mike and I really enjoyed our meals (especially my fried pickles and Hotel California Burger) and next time plan to bowl. It’s going to be a huge success. It’s like Dave & Busters, but with bowling, burgers and beer. It’s right next to Punchline and The Fillmore, and across the street from Sugarhouse.


That same evening The Fillmore had a great act Young The Giant, and the place was packed. My high school friend Jacquie Winner was there, and so was M Night Shyamlan, who stopped for a photo for Rebekah Marine, “The Bionic Model”. She just walked in a few NYFW shows.

M Night

Harvey Keitel and wife Daphna Kastner were spotted in Old City by talk show host Quincy Harris last week. Seems Harvey and Daphna were just enjoying the day in our fair City.


Last Monday was the debut of The Q Show on Fox 29, hosted by Quincy Harris. He knocked it out of the park, as I knew he would. Ever since I had meant him about 4 years ago when he left radio as QDeezy, and headed to the airways, I could see that he had a certain flair about him and the way he engaged with people.


Plus the dude has the most incredible Rolodex. Kicking off the show with him last week – The Roots’ Black Thought and Questlove. It doesn’t get any better than that. Tune into The Q Show Monday through Friday NOON on Fox 29. Or Tape it like I do. It’s 30 minutes of fun.

M Night

Congrats are in order for the new Mr. & Mrs. Jason Cichonski (Tara Kulesza and Jason Cichonski) who were married Friday night.  Chef Jason Cichonski of Ela, The Gaslight and former Top Chef contestant. The couple met through mutual friend Ryan Dorsey, the co-owner of Old City’s Recess Lounge, at a birthday party Dorsey held at Ela where Tara was a guest. M Night 9-17-2016-11-22-15-am

Alfresco dining with drinks at the new Whole Foods in the Art Museum area. Whole Foods is slated to open October 14, I’m looking forward to Indian Summer.

M Night

Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls  is now opened for your scream.9-17-2016-9-37-03-am-custom

NBC10’s Weather gal Sheena Parveen knew it would be a sunny day and chose outside dining at Parc on Friday for her reunion with her friend Taylor Koebeie

Dish of the Week

Last week I had dinner at the new eatery Lou Bird’s at 20th and Lombard. The food is delicious, and the deserts divine. I even met the namesake of the restaurant – Lou Bird, who’s the precocious 10 year old of Norris and Debbie Jordan of the Happy Rooster, who also own Lou Bird’s. Lou Bird told me her favorite dish was  American Wagyu Strip Fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, kim-chimi, which I will definitely get on a return visit. I had the Rainbow Trout, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

M NightInfo and Tickets for Philly Fashion Week HERE

People are always asking me what events they should attend, sooo starting Wednesday I’m going list 5 – 7 events I think you should attend.  I used to have a calendar on PhillyChitChat, but it was too tedious to keep up. This might work as well. I’ll title the columns #PCCBuzz 7 Events of Interest or something like that. 


PHL17 Departures, Chase Lenfest, Mark Voci, Bethenny Frankel Everywhere

Hello, it’s Thursday. The week is almost over. I was so busy this week I didn’t do my normal, or what I’m trying to do normal, Monday gossip/tidbit column. Things are busy, my sister needed some time off so I’m scrambling to do both our jobs. It’ll work out, but if you’re a client and I haven’t posted your event yet, whether here or some where else, know it’s being taken care of and will pop up soon. Also if you’re a client your photos are coming back soon, but feel free to drop me a line. Same thing for the invoices. Those are terribly behind, that’s always bad, but I want to get everything published before I take care of myself. Anyway here’s some fun scoop for you.


WB17 says goodbye:

Good luck to David Grzybowski, yesterday was his last day at PHL17 Eye Opener. I was thrilled to be interviewed by him about Made in America 2 weeks ago. He’s off to another plum assignment, which he will announce very soon.  Francesca Ruscio who left PHL17 last month, she’s now on NBC10 doing back up traffic reporter.


Say what? He’s so funny. Chase’s new hotel “The W” at 15th and Chestnut, is looking good. They have several floors up already.

A few answers from his FB Friends:

Ana Lewis As long as pitch better then 50cent,you’ll be ok hun!!!

Bill O’Brien You’re a trip. Here’s what you do, go to your Doctor now and get Rx for Provigil. It’s what Fighter pilots use for super concentration. Then because of the current clown scare across the country you dress up as a clown. Then you ask if you can take your best shot. And they’ll say yes. So you do an overexaggerated wind up and keep doing that as you run towards the catcher. Then you leap in the air like Michael Jordon and slam the ball in the catcher’s mit. He’ll say ” what was that” and being a clown you say ” a slam dunk, my best shot”. After all this you’ll be on ESPN top plays of the week, the clown crisis will be resolved and you’ll sign a long term contract with Ringley to help pay ur rent.


BJ Davis Chase! Think Major League meets The Rookie meets Bull Durham meets Sandlot meets Field of Dreams!…its your show!

Jeff Pressman Picture the fans are all naked?



Successful businessman Wayne Kimmel publishes his first book. Even without opening it I can recommend it to you. Download it here. http://www.waynekimmel.com/


A great interview by Lauren Lipton

Meet Irene Baker, and get a signed copy of  her newly-released book,”100 Things To Do In Philadelphia Before You Die.” Thursday, September 15, 2016 from 6 – 8 p.m. at McGillin’s Ale House (1310 Drury Street)

Speaking of cocktails:

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) will host founder of Skinnygirl® Cocktails and “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel on Tuesday, Sept. 20, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection Store at 1112 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia. Bethenny will meet with fans and sign purchased bottles from her Skinnygirl Cocktails line. There will also be samples of the stuff for those of age waiting in line.


She’s getting around cause you’ll remember last week I wrote that Bethenny Frankel will host interactive demonstrations showing attendees how to get creative with some of the tasty offerings from Savor King of Prussia restaurants on Sunday, September 25 6-9PM.  The demonstrations will be followed by a brief Q&A and autograph session with fans. King of Prussia is proud to match up to $25,000 of the evening sales to Abramson Cancer Center.


Philly’s chef couple Billy Riddle and Jen Carroll were in town for friend


Jackie Baik and Frank Kemp wedding at Waterworks.


Trump talking head, Erin Elmore, supports democratic candidate Kate McGinty against Pa Senator Toomey. Here she’s pictured with hubby Craig Spencer, son Royce and Mayor Kenney at a fundraiser held at the Spitzer/Elmore home on Tuesday.



This is the craziest photo at the Rocky Statue to date


Philadelphia resident Angel Dejesus is the lucky winner of Santander’s Bank on Your Eagles Pride Sweepstakes. He receives a pair of tickets to every Eagles regular season home game this season. Dejesus kicked off the 2016 football season by enjoying the game in the Santander Field Club with his girlfriend Brenda Rivera and former Eagles cornerback Bobby Taylor at the Eagles’ season opener on Sunday. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Dejesus has been an avid Eagles fan his entire life. His photo entry for the contest featured him alongside his girlfriend and granddaughter decked out in Eagles gear. He plans to share the tickets with his girlfriend, Brenda Rivera, who told him about the contest and helped him submit his entry.



On a sad note, Mark Voci passed away on Sept. 9, 2016 of Havertown formerly of SW Phila. after a long battle with brain cancer. Mark created “Style Me Hired Makeover”, a philanthropic organization that helped women transition from unemployment to employment by giving them makeovers, working with Career Wardrobe and providing them with an outfit for interviews, and connecting them with professionals to help them with their resumes as well as interviewing on the spot with top companies in the area. It was amazing how he put his heart and soul into this project to change lives. He was amazing. Two years ago he was diagnosed with debilitating brain cancer. I’m at a loss for words for this tragedy, but what an amazing legacy he left behind. Bless you Mark and the Voci family. Here’s my coverage on one of the years I was there, I covered it for about three years being introduced to him by Garden Wellington. STYLE ME HIRED